The Fosters Episode 9 “Vigil” Spoiler: Callie/Brandon Shippers Won’t Want to Miss This Episode

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July 26, 2013


When a reader of TVLine asked the much-wondered about question of who might be in the hospital in Monday’s new episode of The Fosters, the answer proved to be an interesting one…but not having to do with the “getting-shot/hospital situation”.

Can you share anything about who ends up in the hospital on The Fosters? –Mariana
You can probably already guess who ends up in the hospital from the promo, so let us instead tease that the dire situation opens the door for some touching and emotional flashbacks revealing how Stef and Lena came to create their loving family. Also in the hour: Wyatt does something that should endear him to even the most hardcore Callie/Brandon ‘shippers (who, by the way, will not want to miss this episode).

What do you think Wyatt will do to redeem himself, even in the eyes of Callie/Brandon shippers – and what’s going to happen/develop between Callie and Brandon this episode?


But back to the “getting-shot/hospital situation”…if it didn’t seem like Stef was the one before, it’s looking more like that now. Are you looking forward to a semi-”flashback episode” revealing how Stef and Lena started their family?

  • recinosm

    Yeah Wyatt breaks up with Callie but unfortunately Brandon gets back with Talya :(

  • Tanya Marcy

    Ooh…now that would be interesting.

  • recinosm

    Well not really for us the Ballie team. If nothing happens between them before the end of the season we’re going to be upset :(

  • Tanya Marcy

    I’m betting they’re probably going to flesh it out a little with Brandon and Talya (and Callie). Even though we want Callie and Brandon to get together, it would be way too soon if they just got together like that. :) Believe me though, I’m as frustrated as you are about Brandon possibly going back with Talya….

  • recinosm

    Yeah I know i read a spoiler that Callie finally decides to tell Brandon her feelings but she sees Talya and him hugging and after kissing :( its going to be an emotional scene :( but Bianca said that there was hope so I’m hoping that in the last episode we will something special between. Like them hugging or telling each other feelings. Or maybe a kiss between them that would be cliffhanger for the summer season to end like that.