The Fosters Episode 9 “Vigil” Promo & Sneak Peek

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July 23, 2013

ABC Family has released a promo and sneak peek from The Fosters Episode 9 “Vigil” airing next week. Who betrayed the family? One more episode until the summer finale.

  • Marissa

    Nothing better happen to Stef, I love her!

  • f

    we need callie and brandon to happen

  • meera

    stef got shot and possibly mike and the birth mom got arrested and liam goes to court and by the end of the season stef and lena get married

  • Nicole

    Stef got shot. Shes in the hospital. She recovers. Brandon is mad at Mariana because his mom (biological) got shot and its her fault. Callie talks to brandon about it and tells him not to be a jackass (not rly in a mean way…) and tells him he doesnt doesnt know what it likes to feel unwanted and feel like u never have enough. Not knowing why the people who brought u into this world and were suppose to love u more than anyone else, didnt. Wyatt is mad at Callie because he thinks something is going on with Brandon and her (I mean there isnt but we know deep inside Callie does have feelings for Brandon, And we already Brandon has feelings for Callie… ) But he might be trying to move on because he went to the concert with Talia… In the summer finale Stef and Lena get married. And I think something happens with Callie and Brandon, that may put Callie and Jude at risk of staying there or being adopted. Thats what Ik for the next two episodes:) Srry if all of it doesnt happen but this is what is basically gonna happen. Hope I helped :O XD

  • Kista

    Thanks so much

  • Nicole


  • Tanya Marcy

    Yep, that’s basically it in a nutshell. :) Lol.