The Fosters Episode 7 “The Fallout” Spoilers: Which of the Guys Defends Callie?

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July 13, 2013


Anyone else out there who was just a little bit freaked out by Liam (Brandon Jones) confronting Callie during Wyatt’s (Alex Saxon) party in episode 6, “Saturday”? Well, we haven’t seen the last of Liam, and neither has Callie.

According to a spoiler this week on TVLine, Liam will confront Callie again in the July 15 episode, “The Fallout” – and someone close to her will come to her defense.

“In Monday’s episode, when Liam confronts Callie in a major way, one of the guys in her life tries to defend her. Anyone else bothered by the word ‘tries’…?”

Think it will be Brandon, since the guide mentions Callie opening up to him about her past? (We Brandon-and-Callie fans can at least hope, right?) Though let’s hope whoever it is makes it out alive, Liam doesn’t exactly look harmless….