The Fosters Episode 11 “The Honeymoon” Spoilers: Does Callie Get Arrested?

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December 18, 2013


In The Fosters‘ mid-season winter premiere episode – episode 11 “The Honeymoon” – Stef and Lena won’t actually realize that Callie (Maia Mitchell) has gone missing. At least not right away. But once they do, finding her may prove more difficult than they anticipated.

You can read some extra spoilers for “The Honeymoon” from TV Guide right here:

The premiere will pick up immediately after the finale, but the family won’t realize that Callie is actually gone. As soon as they do, Lena and Stef immediately set out to locate her, coming thisclose to finding her when she eludes them once again. Alone, scared and on the run late at night, Callie takes drastic measures in the final minutes of the hour to find shelter — even if that means getting arrested in the process.

Do you think Callie will actually get arrested, or just risk getting arrested?