The Fosters Episode 10 “I Do” Guide

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July 30, 2013

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*Check out more photos for “I Do” right here!

It’s The Fosters summer finale episode, are Stef and Lena really going to exchange vows? Plus, Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) guest stars.

You can read the guide for episode 10 of The Fosters, “I Do” – also the summer finale – right here:


Stephen Collins (“7th Heaven”), Annie Potts (“GCB,” “Any Day Now,” “Designing Women”), Sam McMurray (“Scandal”), Lorraine Toussaint (“Friday Night Lights,” “Any Day Now”) and Brandon Jones (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”) Guest Star

Burbank, CA – (July 17, 2013) – Stef and Lena’s parents arrive amidst a frenzy of wedding-planning in “The Fosters” season finale, airing Monday, August 5th, at 9:00pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

  • Stef and Lena try to maintain calm when their parents descend on the Foster house for a very special celebration. Lena’s dad, Stewart (played by Stephen Collins), has agreed to officiate the ceremony while her mother Dana (Lorraine Toussaint) and Stef’s colorful, talkative mom Sharon (Annie Potts), attempt to keep things civil while disagreeing on floral arrangements. Sharon tries to strong-arm Frank (Sam McMurray) into attending.
  • Stef avoids telling Lena she plans to return to work as soon as she is cleared.
  • Meanwhile, when Callie’s case against Liam (Brandon Jones) boils down to her word against his, she must decide whether or not to lie in order to get some justice out of the situation.
  • Callie and Jude get some news they’ve been hoping for, but Callie makes an emotional slip that could destroy any chance they finally have at happiness.

Source: ABC Family Media

  • Hannah anderson

    omg its steff who got shot and they adopted Callie and Jude!!!!!!

  • Tanya Marcy

    It’s definitely looking like it, based on the photos for “Vigil” (you can see Jesus sitting there): As for Callie and Jude…that’s what I’m hoping for, too. :)

  • recinosm

    Do you think Callie emotional slip has to do with Brandon?

  • Tanya Marcy

    Oh my gosh, I did not even think of that! I bet you’re right.

  • Jelissa Ulloa

    awwe omg i really want them together :[

  • Sunshine and Moonlight

    I just watched the promo. I’M SO EXCITED NOW!!!

  • Tanya Marcy


  • Sunshine and Moonlight

    But now, after thinking about it, I’m really starting to think it’s going to end up being Callie’s dream…

  • Tanya Marcy

    Ha, wouldn’t that be a kicker. I’m not sure if I should hope that it is, or hope that it’s not…hahaha. (:

  • Sunshine and Moonlight

    I’m hoping that it is, because if it isn’t then I’m going to think they’re making “Brallie” move too fast. I think the dream will go something like this:

    Callie finds Brandon before the wedding and says, “I know what I deserve now.” Brandon says, “You deserve to be happy.” Callie kisses Brandon. Liam watches (and possibly takes a video of it.) Callie realizes she can’t live a normal life with the possibility of Liam finding her.

    When she wakes up, she decides she will lie in court and say that Liam did not rape her and that it was consensual. That way Liam can be charged with statutory rape, and he’ll be imprisoned for at least a year. If she doesn’t lie, it’ll be her word against his, and who’s the jury going to believe? The foster girl who’s been to juvie or her former foster brother who’s “never done anything wrong?”

  • J

    Oh my gosh, I am literally sobbing right now. I just finished the episode and I can’t even believe the ending. I won’t say anything just because of others who may not have watched it, but omg!

  • Tanya Marcy

    I know! I’m excited for January now, to see what will happen…. :)