The Following Spoilers: The 'New Claire', Plus Jacob's Backstory

The Following Spoilers: The 'New Claire', Plus Jacob's Backstory

Claire’s crazy move on last night's episode of The Following is just the beginning of what Natalie Zea calls “New Claire.” Zea spoils that Claire will play Joe's game, but she will not be bitting her sharp tongue.

“She’s not afraid to tell [Joe’s followers] that they’re crazy,” says Zea. Also, Zea said viewers can expect the long-awaited confrontation between her and the son-stealing Emma sooner rather than later. “It gets real,” she previews. (Hopefully, “real” = Claire goes all mama bear on Emma and rips her a new one.)

Fans were screaming about not getting the full backstory about Jacob's father on The Following. Nico Tortorella spoils a few teases from that upcoming reveal here!!

It's your average tale of a son feeling like he's always letting his father down, really. "He grew up in this privileged family and went mental for a little bit and dropped out, which completely broke his dad's heart," Nico Tortorella explains. "I think Jacob was never really allowed to do what he wanted to do, so he went to this extreme of joining a cult to kind of go against everything. Coming from that background, that's like the worst possible thing you could do. That and being a bisexual!" So will we see more of his relationship with his parents? "It's never fully explained, but bits and pieces to come," he teases.

Source: EW, EOnline