The Following Spoilers: Series Premiere Takes TV Dark With Stunning Scenes

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December 17, 2012

In a recent article highlighting the dark turn television is taking, Fox’s new mid-season psychological thriller, The Following took center stage. Kevin Williamson’s new series has had viewer’s and critic’s interests peaked since the network released the pilot for pre-screening, saying that it’s the scariest most stunning series ever. Here’s a brief, but spoilery tease for the series premiere of The Following, January 21st at 9 pm.

The pilot contains moments such as an ice pick penetrating a character’s eye that are still stunning to see on over-the-air television. Despite talk that Fox might ultimately tone down that scene before it airs, Carter says that only “a few frames were shaved off. It’s a significant moment, one where the violence comes firsthand to both our hero and to our audience, and we didn’t want to back down from that. We can’t pull our punches here.”

Source: TV Guide