The Following Spoilers: More Death In Ryan’s Past

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February 18, 2013

Last week’s installment of The Following revealed that Ryan has had one of the most tragic life’s imaginable. Death has surrounded him his whole life and now Kevin Williamson dishes on another tragic event in Ryan’s life that help shape his stubborn drive.

His mother died of cancer when he was fourteen, his father was killed in a corner store hold-up, and his older brother was a firefighter in New York, who died on 9/11. Would you believe that there’s more to that story? “His girlfriend, the very first love of his life, was murdered at the age of 21,” Kevin Williamson reveals, dishing that the explanation of her death was cut out of the episode for time. Even then, Ryan believed he could have done something to save her, and that helped contribute to his stubborn drive to stop Carroll today.