The Following Spoilers: "Mad Love" Hits Home For Ryan, Plus Cast Shines Light On The Kidnappers Unwavering Devotion

The Following Spoilers: "Mad Love" Hits Home For Ryan, Plus Cast Shines Light On The Kidnappers Unwavering Devotion

Fox's new hit series, The Following, is taking TV and viewers down a beautifully twisty path that Carroll has designed to enact his vengeance on those he deems responsible for his various plights. The carefully organized band of baby serial killers is nothing if not utterly terrifying in the lengths they will go to honor Carroll and carry out his well designed plan. Below I have a spoilery nugget for next week's episode, "Mad Love".

Things get even more personal in the next episode when newly outed follower Maggie lures Ryan back to Brooklyn... by kidnapping his sister! Although the episode does a great job at highlighting Ryan's past pain as the reason he pushes everyone away, it also puts him in mortal danger by way of one of the show's most inventive killing methods yet.
Hint: Remember how Homeland's Brody killed the vice president---remote disruption of a pacemaker.

The most talked about trio of Followers, Valorie Curry, Adan Canto and Nico Tortorella, recently sat down with TV Guide and shined a huge light on their character's unwavering devotion to Carroll as well as some insight into their connection to each other and the story playing out around them.

"They've been separate for so long and they've all sort of been in control of their own mission that they were on, whether it was the guys with Sarah Fuller or me with Joey," says Curry. "Now we're having to work together and we're having to be together and share a lot of space. And there's a lot of friction because of that, and Emma has to try a number of tactics to control Paul. She has a relationship with Jacob, but she doesn't have that sort of intimacy with Paul. So they're all sort of finding their way around each other."

No Serial Killer Kool-Aid Needed, Just Carroll's Leadership

"He's obviously an incredibly charismatic, magnetic man who is very adept at manipulating people," Curry says of Carroll. "And I think part of that comes from being a teacher, his experience sort of molding minds. With the three followers that we have met, I think it's just a matter of catching them at exactly the right moment. ... If he can catch them in this perfect moment of vulnerability, as long as it's the right kind of person, who maybe has a propensity for violence or needs leadership, then he's able to take advantage of that opportunity and mold them."

"Each one of us has our own distinct qualities that he lets shine," Tortorella says. "He's not making us drink the Kool-Aid or playing the CD backwards to put things in our heads. It's already there. He's just telling us that it's OK."

"He's empowering them," Curry agrees. "I think that's what it is. These are people who have been, for whatever reason, sort of alienated or disenfranchised or just feel like outsiders, and he not only gives them a place, but he empowers them, which is intoxicating."


"Specifically for Jacob, he has a slew of daddy issues and at the point where he needed that void filled the most, there was Joe waiting with open arms," Tortorella says. "And he just completely fulfilled that in him, and same thing with Emma and same thing with Paul. We're just looking for this higher power to give us some type of validation in this life, and acceptance. And he's the perfect person to do that." Tortorella goes on to spoil, "He's spent so much time in jail now and he's mapped out exactly how he's going to attack, his master plan, and this is just the beginning."
Bonus Scoop: Jacob has never [spoiler] before! And Paul knows his little secret, but not Emma. Oh, and Jacob might [spoiler] for the first time by episode's end.


Canto: "[Joe] gives us a philosophy, a way in life in which we can actually feel free, where we can feel that there's a reason for us to be who we are and to enjoy what we feel passionate doing. ... He kind of encourages that, the sense of finding the beauty in those desires, in those behaviors."


"She has a very particular devotion to Joe," Curry explains. "She's been with him since she was so young. He's essentially sort of raised her and groomed her.""She genuinely loves Joey and cares about him, partly because she's been with him for two years and has helped raise him, but also because he is Joe's son," she says. "She would love to be with Joe and be a mother to his son ... and she has this really important, prestigious position to be [Joey's] caregiver. And that's a point of pride for her as well, to be that close to Joe through Joey. Her love for him and her protectiveness is very real. At the same time," Curry cautions, "everybody always has to keep in mind that the most important person is Joe. [Emma] is capable of doing absolutely anything for him. But that's sort of the tragic thing about her -- she does love Joey, she does care about Paul, she does love Jacob -- but at the end of the day, she will do anything Joe asks her to, because her love for him is just more important."

Source: TV Guide