The Following Spoilers: Joe’s Dual Plan Is Coming To A Head

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March 20, 2013

The Following’s cult leader Joe~James Purefoy, has seemingly fallen into a holding pattern waiting to be reunited with Claire. So much so that fans are all wondering when the ‘next chapter’ in Joe’s story will begin. James Purefoy spoils that Joe is in fact waiting, but that there is a very good reason.

“Joe is really all about Joe,” Purefoy says. “Until he gets Claire and Joey together with him, he’s not particularly interested into moving on to anything else. … People are beginning to realize that there’s a dual plan: one that they’ve been told about and another that… [only] Joe’s thinking about.” But that strategy may not pay off for him in the long run. “Although Joe claims to have dozens and dozens of people who will die for him, he starts running out.”

Source: TV Guide