The Following Spoilers: Joe and Ryan A Year Later In Season 2 Premiere

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August 7, 2013

The Following left everything in the season 1 finale undone, with CLaire’s fate unknown. I spoiled earlier that the Fox hit will have a substantial time jump when season 2 premieres. James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon spoil a little about what Joe and Ryan will be doing when we pick up with The Following.

Purefoy says, “I think he’ll learn from lost mistakes and I think he’ll rise up like a phoenix and create more murder, mischief, and mayhem.” As for Ryan, Kevin Bacon reveals that despite being stabbed, his character is stronger than ever, “When we see him, he’s strong, he’s running, he’s feeling good, he’s not with the FBI, he’s sort of at a different place in his life.”

Bonus Scoop:

Ryan could also be getting a new love interest this season, so we’ll let you think about that while you ponder Claire’s fate…