The Following Spoilers: Carroll’s Following Established In “Chapter Two”

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January 23, 2013

After a tremendous premiere last this week, The Following gears up for a back to back series run that is packed with twists, turns and thrills at every turn. TV Guide and EW has a spoiler filled preview for next week’s episode, “Chapter Two”.

Next week’s episode spends a lot of time establishing the nanny-and-gay-neighbors trio at the center of Joe Carroll’s following —and you’ll quickly learn that Carroll’s not training killers, but rather simply enabling them. Look for a very odd little love triangle to form between the group as they guard Carroll’s son. Plus: Prepare yourself now for the creepiest shower scene since Psycho, even though not a drop of blood is spilled!

Bonus Scoop! I wouldn’t get too attached to any of our investigative team, as one of them isn’t long for this world. Additionally, if you thought last night’s episode was gore-tastic, wait till you see what the person in the Poe mask does next week…