The Following Spoilers: Can You Trust Anyone?! Plus Death & A Possible New Love Triangle

The Following Spoilers: Can You Trust Anyone?! Plus Death & A Possible New Love Triangle

On this week's The Following, the new agent in charge, Donovan~Mike Colter, was more than suspicious the whole episode, but really cast a poor light when he sent Agent Weston home for the day. Ultimately, resulting in the adduction and torture of one of my favorite characters. Mike Colter has some insight into his character's recent actions and a tantalizing tease about weather fans should question where Donavon's allegiance lies.

"It did seem a little odd," Colter admits with a laugh. "You are always are going to have to look at everyone... and watch everything they do carefully because you just don't know where the weaknesses are or whose allegiance is there." Hmm, that didn't sound like a denial! But speaking of allegiance, Donovan & Co. may be able to use Joe's cult members against each other. "What happens when Jacob and Paul actually catch up with Emma? ... She double-crossed them," Colter teases. "She's backstabbing. ... It seems like everybody has their own motivation."

Valorie Curry also spoiled about the imminent and suspenseful season's end and teases the possibility of a new love triangle forming now that Joe has given in to his carnal urges with Emma.

"It's crazy right now and I would never want to spoil anything! All I can say is what I've said from the beginning: This is a Kevin Williamson show and you know you can never get too attached to anybody, and you can never get too comfortable," Valorie Curry teases when asked if viewers can expect a big death by season's end. "It's always the least expected thing that ends up happening. He's going to take us through a lot of turns as we escalate toward the finale."

"He is sort of the twisted father figure, because he did essentially raise her to be the person she is, but she's been in love with him since she was 16 years old. Both of those things are wrapped up together for her, so as I said, it's a really very complicated twisted feeling that she has for him." But Curry does say "her feelings for Jacob are definitely genuine and she loved him."

Source: TV Guide, EOnline