The Following Spoilers: A Cracking Carroll, Ryan Flashbacks and the Seriously Unexpected

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April 10, 2013

The Following has been heating up Fox with it’s back to back 15 episode run that is quickly coming to it’s season 1 close. Fans will see more of Carroll’s cracking facade, flashbacks to when Hardy was young and the seriously unexpected.

“Because [Joe's] such an intelligent character, we always have this idea that he has to have this master plan that’s bigger and smarter than all of us,” Bacon says. “That’s actually a little bit of a façade. You start to see cracks in the facade and you start to see that he does have vulnerabilities. The minute that happens, [Ryan has] the instinct to know that’s what’s going on. [It makes him] stronger and stronger… and it does get him back on track.”

Ryan Flashbacks

“We see Ryan in better days when he’s sort of starting on the case, but he’s still always consumed by it,” Shawn Ashmore tells us. “There’s always this kind of edge to Ryan Hardy; there’s always a sort of darkness about him.”

The Unexpected

“Seriously, expect the unexpected, and you’ve literally just seen the tips of the iceberg at this point,” Nico Tortorella teases. “Anything messed up that you think you’ve seen, you haven’t seen anything yet.”