The Following Season Finale Spoilers: Death, The Future And Possible Farewells

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April 19, 2013

The Following has lite Fox’s network up with horror, love and carnage alike in it’s Freshman season. As the psychological hit begins to close it’s 15 episode first season, The Following’s stars spoil about a very horrific death, possible farewells and this season’s finale and beyond.


“There is something that happens in the season finale to one of the characters that is so horrific, I think it’s the worst way to die,” teases James Purefoy. “It’s really, really awful, and it makes me nervous and slightly sweaty just to even think about it.”

On The Future

“What I felt when I read the last episode is that it’s really satisfying. It leaves a season 2 wide open to go in a million different directions. It’s the cliffhanger everyone wants,” says Shawn Ashmore. “But the thing that’s sometimes tough with season finales is that it’s so open you don’t feel like there’s any closure — you just want something satisfying to happen — and there are certainly those moments for certain storylines and certain characters.”

On Possible Farewells

Ashmore admits there was at least one death that was hard to read. “[There are] huge consequences in the finale. Huge, huge events happen.”

Source: TV Guide


    Star Magazine has already spoiled who is going to die in the finale – Not cool.

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