The Following Season 2 Spoilers: First Look ~ On The Run

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December 11, 2013

Season 2 of The Following is all set to premiere Sunday, January 19th with a special two-night event. I am happy to spoil the first look at none other Joe Carroll’s most loyal ally of season 1, Emma~Valorie Curry. When we last left Emma, she was watching reports of Joe’s death in a diner in Alabama. The photo reveals that Emma will be donning a new look to elude authorities. The backdrop is a rundown building, so one can assume she is hiding out, or headed to a cult meeting, maybe even with Joe himself. Season 2 will also birth a new Ryan, as his new mission in life is revenge, not catching Carroll.

“Catching Joe Carroll cost me everything and everyone,” Ryan says in a season-two promo. “Now we all want to believe he’s dead, but I say he’s out there. I’m going to find him and I want revenge.”