The Following Season 2 Spoilers: A Time Jump, Plus Who Will Definitely Return

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May 6, 2013

The Following just concluded it’s thrilling freshman season with one hell of a ciffhanger and fans are already screaming for season 2. Star Kevin Bacon predicts a small times jump when season 2 resumes, while Executive Producer Marcos Siega confirms larger roles for Emma ~ Valorie Curry and Mike Weston ~ Shawn Ashmore in season 2. However, the biggest question is whether Claire is alive?!
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“My discussions with [series creator] Kevin [Williamson] about next year have been in very broad strokes… but I do know that the things that I really respond to, that he’s brought up to me, are the ideas that when you see [Ryan] at the beginning of next season, he’s in a very different place, so the idea is that we may jump ahead in time.”

Source: TV Line, TV Guide

  • tvshowsrock

    claire needs to be alive!! please! love her character and her chemistry with Ryan!

  • Annalisa

    I think it would be so cool if Mike and Emma got into some kind of tawdry love affair because the Dark Side of Mike is very enamoured of Emma.