The Flash Spoilers: The Thinker's reveal to happen sooner; EP explains how Dibny's hero journey is different

The Flash Spoilers: The Thinker's reveal to happen sooner; EP explains how Dibny's hero journey is different

Who is The Thinker? 

For those fans eager to know his true identity, you're not gonna have to wait longer. Exec producer Andrew Kreisberg promised that they will unmask this season's villain sooner rather than later. 

The EP also teased what's coming up for Ralph Dibny in an upcoming episode, while also explaining how his journey as a hero is dfiferent from previous metahumans we've seen in the past. 


Tom Cavanagh, meanwhile, previewed the upcoming Nov. 14th installment where they'll enlist the help of The Council of Wells. On casting, we've learned that producers are seeking for actors to play Dominic Lanse aka. Brainstorm and Neil Borman aka. Fallout who will be introduced this season. 

Also, don't miss the new details abound on Barry and Iris' bachelor and bachelorette parties!

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Kreisberg on The Thinker reveal: 

Now that they know it’s DeVoe, now it’s about figuring out which DeVoe it is and there’ll be a confrontation sooner rather than later.

It’s funny, because the network and the studio were asking, ‘Well, why does The Thinker allow them to know this at this point?’ And we were like, ‘He doesn’t care.’ 


That's the one thing that's been interesting about him. He's playing chess, and I know that's sort of a cliche to say, but in this case it's really true. As far as he's concerned, he's already checkmated Team Flash. He doesn't really give a shit what they know and when they figure shit out because, he's gonna say in an upcoming episode, you've already lost. It's really about us trying to figure out how to get ahead of somebody who is playing so far ahead of you. That's really the trajectory of the season as opposed to just trying to figure out who the hell they were, like it was with Zoom or like it was with Savitar or even, to a certain extent, as it was in Season 1 with Reverse Flash; it was, who are you? Those questions weren't answered until 16, 17, 18, 19 in all three of the first seasons, so this season we're like, oh we know who it is.


Kreisberg on where The Thinker is hiding: 

That’s part of the mystery, where he is.

He is in a really cool set! But I promise you… you’re going to find out a lot about what is going on in the first nine episodes.


Kreisberg on Dibny and his journey: 

We have an episode coming up where Ralph gets hurt and he didn’t know he could die.

So Cisco’s like, ‘I’m sorry, were you only doing this because you thought you were invincible?’ And he’s like, ‘Yes! Why else would I be doing this?!’ So it’s interesting because it’s different. As opposed to a speedster like Jesse and Wally, where they were both going on very similar trajectories to Barry, Ralph’s problems and his hero’s journey have different facets to it, which make it feel fresh.


Kreisberg on "Girls Night Out" hour: 

We wanted to do something we had never done before.

I think it’s the first episode we’ve ever done where Barry doesn’t wear the suit. We started with the concept of, ‘Wouldn’t it be really funny if Barry goes for the bachelor party with the guys and [Iris] goes for a bachelorette party with the girls, and the guys end up having the worst night ever, and the girls wind up saving the city?’ That was where the episode started from and then that’s where it ended up.


Cavanagh on the arrival of The Council of Wells on the Nov. 14th episode titled "When Harry Met Harry": 

We had a sprinkling of it when they were on their quest for H.R. Wells last year where we had Hells Wells, Mime Wells, and Steampunk Wells, and so that was just a one-off, but that got everybody’s juices flowing like, ‘If we were to do that, what would that look like with there being a Council of Wells that could convene?

We thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be completely obnoxious and shameless when I get ahold of it,’ and it is proving to be super obnoxious and ultra-shameless in hopefully the most appealing way.

With the Council of Wells, when fashioning these characters, you want to make sure that you can have the most impact in the littlest amount of time. If there’s 20 percent of the comic book bubble left [after telling a Flash story] then you want to fill that [properly] and so you want to find ways to get in there right away with these guys, so I’m doing that.


In other Flash news, casting call for Dominic Lanse aka. Brainstorm and Neil Borman aka. Fallout have surfaced online. You may read the character descriptions below: 

Dominic Lanse/Brainstorm — Male, late 20s – late 30s, African American. A gregarious and good-natured meta-human who has the ability to read minds. His gift becomes a curse when criminal forces capture Dominic and want him to use his powers for evil. Think young Sterling K. Brown type……RECURRING GUEST STAR

Neil Borman/Fallout — Male, 30s – 40s, Open Ethnicity. Neil a blue collar, likable, good guy just trying to make ends meet, but unbeknownst to him, he has radiation emitting meta powers that could cause the whole city to suffer a nuclear, catastrophic explosion. Neil is unaware that he is hurting people. Think Martin Freeman on “The Office”…..PERFORMER MUST BE BALD…..POSSIBLE RECURRING GUEST STAR



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