Season 4 Episode 16 Run Iris, Run

The Flash Spoilers: Star previews "Run Iris, Run"; Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes to guest star

The Flash Spoilers: Star previews "Run Iris, Run"; Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes to guest star

The Flash's Candice Patton has previewed what to expect from this week's episode, "Run Iris, Run," which sees her character suiting up as a speedster. 

Speaking with Variety, the actress sad:

It’s a complete role reversal. And the team trusting in her and her stepping out from behind the console and being a leader in a different way.

Added EP Todd Helbing: 

[She’s] using everything she’s learned, plus Barry’s expertise.

But we really wanted to have this dynamic when they flop places where she really gets to know what it’s like for Barry when he goes out there, and Barry gets to know what it’s like for her [back in STAR labs].


Helbing also addressed those fan theories about Jessica Parker Kennedy's mystery role in the show, telling reporters that fans haven't figured out her true identity yet.

Not really, no.

Every year there's theories all over the place about what we're doing and some of them get pretty close, some of them they hit like one part of it but they don't get other parts, so it's fun to read. I don't think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is.


In other Flash news, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes have booked guest starring roles in episode 417 titled "Null and Annoyed."

Smith broke the casting news on his Fatman On Batman podcast, where he shared: 

I guess I can spoil it here. At one point, like you know, I did my first episode of Flash, and they asked Jason Mewes to be in the episode. He was up in Vancouver, so I was like ‘He’s always by my side, so he’ll be there anyway, absolutely.’ So this time around, there’s a scene that had two security guards in it, and so the writers of the episode, Kristen and Lauren, asked me specifically. ‘We’re wondering, do you and Jay want to play the security guards?’

And honestly, I did not want to do it, because I knew it required that I wear pants. Like, there’s only so far in the world that I can take [my usual] outfit, and believe me, I’ve stretched it to its limit. …But I knew if I was playing a part, where I wasn’t being me, I had to be the security guard. I couldn’t be the security guard in jorts. They probably would cut that. So I knew I’d have to wear an outfit and sh*t, which included pants. So I was like ‘Oh f*ck, I don’t wanna do it.’ But I knew if I said no, I’d never hear the end of it from [Jay]. Cause he’d go ‘We had a chance to be on a f*cking Flash together, and you didn’t f*cking take it!’ So I said ‘Alright, we’ll do it.’

And they suited us up like security guards. And for the first time, I think since my father died, I wore dress pants. So we shot a scene, Jason and I, where we play two security guards in The Flash. And it’s not Jay and Silent Bob, but Jason speaks and I don’t. So there you go.


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