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The Finder Episode 5 "The Great Escape" Guide & Photos

Check out the official guide and some promotional photos, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, for The Finder episode 5 - "The Great Escape" - airing on February 09th.
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson guest-stars

  • When new tracks are leaked from a late rapper J-Stryke, music mogul Big Glade (guest star Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson) and his business savvy lawyer (guest star Salli Richardson-Whitfield), Leo's former love interest, ask Walter to find the source of the illegally released music.
  • Walter and Leo locate the DJ streaming the tracks with the help of Willa's online hacking expertise, but as Walter pieces together the events that led to J-Stryke's death, he uncovers a more complicated history.
  • Meanwhile, Big Glade's lawyer and Leo rekindle their romance.