What Is The Event and Who Are "They"?

What Is The Event and Who Are "They"?

As a hijacked airplane came hurtling toward the president, a strange glowing hole opened in the sky and the plane vanished into it, sparing the lives of the people on the ground. Here's what Nick Wauters (creator ) posted on Twitter few minutes ago:

It started w/ the twist of the disappearance on the ship in the back of my head for years.It built the story around that.

Wasn't that something Tesla was supposedly working on?

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The Event ended with the mysterious Sophia Maguire, leader of the prisoners at the Mount Inostranka facility in Alaska, ominously stating "They saved us."

Clearly Sophia knows a lot more than she led the president to believe, but who are "they" and what's with the people at Mount Inostranka?

Who Are "They"?

The first time I heard "They saved us," your mind should immediately jump to aliens. I know mine did. But if six years of following Lost taught me anything, it's that the simplest answer is never the correct one.

(unless you'll believe what NY MAG spoiled few weeks ago. - potential major spoilers )

So I don't think Sophia was referring to aliens when she said "They saved us." Instead, I think that the time travel is a huge part of The Event and that the wormhole transported the plane to another location in space-time.

That "they" are time travelers seems fairly evident. It's either time warp, or they have a very advanced transporter beam

They are not one with Sophia, they are different from her. She is surprised they acted at all. Then who is Sophia?

What is Mount Inostranka?

Time travel theory extends to the residents of Mount Inostranka, Sophia and the rest of her people the Mount Inostranka are prisoners.

Inostranka in Russian means stranger or foreigner. An alien?

So what's your theory about the plane disappearing? Who are "they" and what is Mount Inostranka? Time travelers, aliens, something else? Clues and comments below!