What Is " The Event " ?

What Is " The Event " ?

While we still don't know what the titular Event is, we're impressed by this politically-charged thriller, which contains shades of Lost and 24. If you missed it, you can watch the trailer and sneak peeks on The Event spoilers page.

Basically, here are three "events" --------- But, um… none of those are actually The Event!

  • One is Jason Ritter's girlfriend disappearing, with no sign that she was ever there, from a fancy beach resort hotel.
  • The second is the President discovering there's a secret facility in Alaska that the CIA has been covering up, where something weird has been going on.
  • The third is an attempted assassination of that same president.

As for The Event itself, apparently it's something that'll change the future of the human race forever and stuff. This show is in Heroes' old slot, Mondays at 9, and honestly it's already looking like a huge improvement.

Extended trailer, all 3 events included.