Truth Seeker Update: Don't Believe The Lies

The idea behind the True Seeker website is that the intel is coming from a character on the show — someone that viewers meet early on ( identity still unknown). It’s someone who has access to top-level, top-secret information. The site is written as if that character really exists and is gathering all these clues and different pieces of information together.


The White House is trying to suppress all information about what happened at Coral Gables and the disappearance of Avias Flight 514.

I called the airline and they told me the plane is still en route to Brazil, should land as scheduled. Don't believe the lies. I don't know what story they'll come up with to explain what happened to the plane but whatever they tell - it won't be the truth. Whatever may surface, they will probably tell you it's fake.

Check out the video below, which was sent to me by our contributor Madeline. One of the passengers recorded it on her cell phone and emailed it to her husband before the plane vanished. Watch and judge for yourself and tell me - does it look like a fake?