The Event Season Finale: “Never Seen Before on TV”

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March 30, 2011

Ausiello is reporting that the season ends with more of a climax than a cliffhanger, which is probably wise since a The Event season 2 remains a long shot. At least the show is going out with a bang:

The episode concludes with “something that is truly momentous and, I believe, never seen before” on TV.

Not much we should get more spoilers in the coming weeks.

The Event Season Finale Will “Complete the Story of the First Season”

  • Hopeful

    I love this show please make a season 2

  • Oltean887

    So much more can be done with this show…would be great if NBC gives it a chance.

  • Donna Sennett

    one of the best shows around. Really original, can not believe they will not make another series, please reconsider

  • Ilya Tacohead

    season 1 , episode 18- Shaun travels in a train with beautiful chick with good teeth. Shaun is trying to convince her to go to Murmansk (the city in Russia) The chick is trying to convince him against it “ you know how cold in Western Siberia it is..” Well, she is a stupid cunt if she thinks that Murmansk is in Siberia. It’s like New York being in Mexico.

  • Robertomacal

    I don’t know why the good shows with a good story and characters are always being cancelled… and the “reality” crap is still there.

    I love “The Event”….Season 2 please!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigjercan2

    This good show. I hope it makes it to season 2.

  • mari

    Season 2 PLEEEAAASSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fan

    The best series are always going down!

  • Tina444

    Pleaseeee make a season 2!!!!! This show is brilliant! And do different then all the other tv shows!

  • Prince William

    This show is very original and we need a season 2

  • Monster_Locke

    We’re getting fucked, just like we did with FlashForward.

  • Broone

    Are you people serious? The show is called “The Event”, not The Events” or “The Event, Part One”!! I love a show like this, crisp, action-packed, great acting, ONE season stuff, lets have more like it!

  • ArtHouse

    Would really like a Season 2. I think this is a good show and there is more milage to b had from it

  • Pat81

    Best show ever!

  • Hhshs

    Great show! NEED a season 2!

  • Tvaddict

    I will NEVER tune into NBC again if they cancel the event!!

  • Tvaddict

    I will NEVER tune into NBC if they cancel the event. Same story for many of my friends!

  • Anonymous

    the event, deserves a 2nd season, but like so many other t.v. shows they will cancel it, no ordinary family, lights out, over there,invasion, threshold, need i go on, all very good shows with a following, then they are axed, most shows deserve a 2nd season, look at star trek cult following, like a lot of the above t.v shows nobody wanted star trek look where it is today, at lot of the shows above have cult followers, give the event a 2nd season.

  • Maybe

    This is like ‘Jericho’ all over again . . .

  • Guest

    actually, youre stupid because murmansk is in western siberia, since siberia is a region not a country.  and russia just happens to be in that region.  

  • Sanchez_e35

     This is a really good show and Ritter is such a great actor.

  • booster

    i never liked series for the simple reason that they either drag them for too long so they become almost imposible to understand(LOST)or they just cancel them when they just get you hoocked(flash forward)now the event is apparently also going NBC sucks!!!oh and i forgot about V whats the story with V is it going as well??

  • Janet

     This show is AMAZING there needs to be a season two!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • Emozack


  • Bazziet

     V has been cancelled :(  Showed great promise in the last few episodes especially and the season ending, wow, definitely wasn’t expecting that.  A third season would have been good but no go unfortunately :(  Hate that the US goes on the Neilson rating system for their shows, come into the 21st Century please.  More people around the world download shows to watch so go by the download ratings not just by the Neilson ratings.  More shows would be saved then and go onto more seasons that way.  Strike a deal with a torrent site to gather statistics on how many downloads there are for the shows.  It’ll give you a better idea of their popularity.  Same thing happened with “Legend Of The Seeker”, great show killed in it’s prime :(

  • Hood King


  • Anonymous

    Well just to conclude the argument ,Russia is the country and as it happends Siberia is the region in that verry country and Murmansk is no where close to Siberia Sherlock it is located in the extreme northwest part of Russia, on the Kola Bay, 12 kilometres (7 mi) from the Barents Sea on the northern shore of the Kola Peninsula, not far from Russia’s borders with Norway and Finland.Back to Geography lessons monkey boy!

  • Major ‘The Event’ fan!

    The Event is the best show on TV at the moment! (i live in UK). It’s awesome and even though i havn’t seen the finale yet, i hope a season 2 is made :p !!!!!

  • Lironlopo

    brilliant show!!!!!! waiting for season 2!

  • Chrisdebeaupre

    I agree. The Event is by far the best show on regular TV ( Dexter is the best show ever) This is what the new V show on ABC should have been like. I WILL NEVER WATCH NBC AGAIN ASLONG AS I LIVE!!!!!!!! if they get rtid of this show. If they do i hope ABC picks it up. come On NBC don’t dis

  • DEBO

    Your an Idiot. she says whats in the script. Her name is Tayler Cole and she is the most stunning woman on TV. If this screw up pisses you off so much then contact the writers and take it out on them…… COCKJAWS 

  • Ransom Christova Godwin

    they better make a season 2 or im done with nbc

  • Ransom Christova Godwin

    they better make a season 2 or im done with nbc

  • Jan Pluto

    Best show in a long time, if NBC cancels I refuse to watch NBC ever again

  • Aaron L Dyess

    its because of the close-minded viewers that want to watch Jersey Shore that make Season 2 a long shot…

  • Aaronldyess

    seen every episode and hats off to all that were a part of the series

  • Sirkenoe

    This show had me on the edge of my seat really cancelled that’s ludicrous!!!!!bring it back!!!!!



  • Vinceelliott1974

    Flash forward was a great show and so was black out. I hope the event doesn’t have the same fate

  • Vinceelliott1974

    Im gonna be pissed if season 2 doesn’t come around. All the shows I like get cancelled. I hope it doesn’t end up like V, Blackout, Flash Forward, etc.

  • lchome

    Flash Forward, Jericho, V, Journeyman, Jake 2.0, Roswell, Firefly, Star Trek, Heroes, and now…The Event.  Why is it so hard for networks to get that good programming has ups and downs, and that it’s not always about the dollar…it’s about good entertainment.  I’ve worked for the producer of one of these shows and seen how this all works from the inside.  There are so many great scripts out there, but the ones that stay on the air seem to be the “same crap – different decade” material. 

    Too many cops shows, too many medical shows.  We’ve seen Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Charlies Angeles (oh wait, that’s coming back too….geez), and then there is Markus Welby, MD, Quincy, and so on.  These were original programs that are now being copied again and repackaged.  

    Then there’s the reality shows.  Please.  It would be nice to rid the airwaves of the reality shows, which are mostly all using the Survivor template….group of people to compete, eliminating people each week by performing a task and/or winning an exception from the rest of the group while someone gets voted out either by the others, by judges, or by Amercia, while throwing in some one-on-one drama in the form of personal issues with each other, in-fighting, back stabbing, and name calling.  This should have started and ended with high school…please!!!!

    I’m hoping that The Event finds a new home on a network that will allow the creators to give us the story arc that they originally intended, whether it be two seasons or ten.  The other networks such as TNT, AMC, USA, BRAVO, and ION are all more forward thinking than the major ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX networks.  There’s a lot of good shows and they seem to stay around.

    My rant, I know but I was on the Roswell “tabasco campaign” to bring back that show, the Jericho “nuts campaign” to get at least closure with CBS, and if there is something going for The Event, I’m sure I’ll participate in that too. 

    It’s getting old putting the emotional investment in these shows and have them yanked before the full story gets told. 

  • obama

    Would love for season 2…. sick show!

  • happyson manah

    Season 2 please :)

  • Sugarblack95

    I love this show too! This is one of the best shows around, please air season two.