NBC Cancels ‘The Event’, Producers Looking For Other Distribution Partners

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May 22, 2011

Update: Syfy channel may pick up The Event <= click the link to read more!

Unfortunately, NBC has officially canceled The Event replacing Monday time slot with The Sing-Off and The Playboy Club.

But it looks like this may not be the end for the series. Deadline is reporting that the show is looking for pickup outside of NBC for season 2 and that talks are underway with at least one distribution partner to take over the serialized drama:

The Event executive producer Steve Stark wouldn’t comment, but I’ve heard new original programming player Netflix’s name tossed around. Word is that there has been interest from several cable and digital entities, and the Event producers. Stark said that they are exploring the opportunities with are exploring the opportunity with the “full support” of the studio, UMS. “NBC has been an amazing partner, it launched the show beautifully,” he said. Added creator Nick Wauters: “We have a dedicated fan base, and we promised them we will deliver one way or another and will continue to tell our stories.”

Share your thoughts on finale and hopes for season 2 in the comments section below.

  • Nanah Crosby

    please keep the show going. I want to know what the first lady means by home. PLEASE PLEASE keep it going. ABC dose not know what they just did. dumb shits

  • Jane, Scotland

    Bring back the Event please, one really pd off events fan and defo no watching anything else you make just incase theres no ending again !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    I don’t understand, ever time a good, no a great show is aired they take it off. Maybe the show is to close to reality

  • Eru

    One of the best series IMO! They send the show right now on national TV in Sweden, the people will go nuts if there will be no season 2…

  • Denise

    I just finished watching all of season 1 on Hulu and loved it. I have got to see more. Awesome show. Please

  • Event watcher

    The Event was one of the only shows I watched and followed. I hope NBC decides to air season 2. It’s a great show.

  • fundu

    I really would appreciate if i’d be able to watch the second season of this amazing show.. It was far far better than the other related shows. How can just one simply stop it from air? and give their slot to The Sing-Off and The Playboy Club? They’re fuckin retards..
    I would really appreciate if someone provides me a link or torrent to watch this amazing show.. i’d be really greatfull..

  • http://twitter.com/Jr9090 Jafar Alrashid

    the event is cancelled for season2 because it was obvious that the aliens are non but the 1st world (europ and US) and the earthlings are non but the middle east with all the resources available and right conditions for life (no volcanos no earth quackes no hurricanes or tornados etc..) so, why would the 3rd world (the uncivilised) be enjoying the life that the 1st world (the civilised) be in living in harsh conditions, so, create deseases and give them false immunation and creat wars that make them kill each other, create caos so then they themselves be screaming to us (the 1st world to come over and have control over the middle east) then the replacement of their nations to the nations of the middle east will take place by mass killing. now you see the most resistant to such a scenario and way of life that 1st world like to have are those who practice Islam…..

  • Lone Browncoat

    You’re right, IQs have dropped over the last 40 years {something in the food or water?}
    among the masses, It’s like Dr. Who…you have to focus and have the memory to recall bits
    of past episodes, most viewers lack that ability because when they get home and take their pants off all they want to do is plop in front of the box/panel switch it on and themselves off!

  • kaliha

    The event is the best series I’ve ever seen I was able to watch it on netflix making it more enjoyable. I think it went way over peoples head but its to realistic. A lot of that stuff has or will happen in real life. I think it was to close to home that’s why they canceled it. It was action from beginning to end I hope sifi takes them its never to late look at that show the game where there is a will here is a way

  • Joshua

    All I can say is that the season 1 finale is horible if there is no season 2…. Yet, it would be amazing if there is a season 2.

  • william

    These networks need to go out of buss. To lose the Event, V, The Gates, and other good shows is a shame. NBC have lost there minds and is out of touch.

  • Budamali

    Plesae start filming the second season from THE EVENT i can say only one think that it is better as Smallville even if i am SCfi geak..

    And what goes for actors i can say that performed wonderfull job presenting the reality in oure imagination
    Thanks for this abd hope for further creation

    My nike IS Budamali

  • http://twitter.com/ReaganGauvreau1 Reagan Gauvreau

    no!!!!!! just got done watching the event and its not even over theres so much that hasnt been figured out and so much to still see

  • eyuael

    the event is great show the world had the chance to see so please do not give up on it

  • http://www.facebook.com/ameehope Amee Massie

    jericho was awesome!!!!

  • Donna

    I just watched The Event for the first time on Netflix! I can’t believe there was no season 2 made! NBC rarely has a series this good! It would be better not to show it at all rather than to leave people hanging!

  • Owie Pack

    I Loved The Event…I hope someone decides to pick it up…!

  • 5hundo

    i have really enjoyed this show so much that i cracked out for two days and watched it all only to hear that nbc canceled it what a mistake i want to now how it ends but i feel i only got half a book RIP OFF!

  • venglish145@gmail.com

    Are the producers of The Event still working on bringing it back ? It’s the best sci-fi I’ve seen on regular stations and cable/ The acting was great and story were fantastic. I was always on the edge-of-my-seat; it was sooo disappointing when the commercials would interrupt the show. I went to Amazon to see Season1
    Please bring it back :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabby.brunning Gabby Brunning

    The same thing happened with Firefly! I totally agree that peoples attention spans are growing shorter, with programming that challenges you or makes you think clearly getting slaughtered. Tbh I was amazed Lost lasted as long as it did because of that. I wonder if people just don’t get the sci-fi concept anymore? Terra Nova, Firefly, Stargate Universe, The Event, all kicked ass, all slashed o make way for Britain’s Got Talent or Pop Idol… Just not right… Xx

  • Lucy

    The Event had an amazing 1st season and should definately be picked up for a 2nd. They can’t just leave it like that without a proper ending. It is such a let down when you get into these great shows and then they cancel them all of a sudden withoutatleast wrapping it up properly.

  • nate

    I’m sure I am not alone on this but The Event, simply put, had me hooked since the first episode. i have watched season one probably more than 10 times over. the only other show that had me hooked like this was 24. season 2 has to happen.

  • Arnold

    Please, Please. Bring back the Even. Fantastic!! As good 24!!.

  • VD65

    This article is up two years ago for me. As much advertising that people said NBC did, didn’t reach me, a devote movie and series watcher and my favorite genres are science fiction, fantasy and horror. I never saw one advertisement for this show and they should have done some other than their own channel. People would have watched it. I watched it two days ago on Netflix and LOVE the series and want to see someone pick it up. It is still not too late. SYFY should have yet they showed the stinker Defiance and picked it up for a second season and WHY? The Event is far superior to that show. I think these people aren’t interested in an audience, just what they like. If no one picks this back up then it is just big mogul stupidity.

  • VD65

    I will rarely watch NBC or ABC because they are the ones always cancelling the wrong shows and prematurely. They obviously don’t know how to advertise correctly. I stay away from Primetime pretty much because of this factor. I didn’t even find The Event on Netflix even though they had it. Someone who had watched the series told me about it and was still hoping they would continue it somewhere. She liked the show as well. I sat and watched all 22 episodes one after another. I thought all the actors did an excellent job with Blair Underwood and Laura Innis as standouts. They should have won awards. This is a shame that no one recognized how good this show was about aliens who were in the end…not aliens exactly.

  • VD65

    Good luck because it is the summer of 2013 and it hasn’t happened. I don’t think they are listening.

  • J.Northrop

    OMG, I would take a week or two off work just to watch season two, if I could watch it all consecutively! This program was as entertaining for me as 24, Breaking Bad Prison Break…you name it! Can’t believe they discontinued it! Can’t believe ratings were not high enough to keep it airing. Even Walking Dead, The Event was just as good!

  • summer

    this is a good show up there to me with x-files and supernatural, why is it there are so many shows of the same nature and when there are occasionally diamonds in ruff they get canceled or lack support?

  • Emoney

    I’m pissed

  • nonamexy

    These series are selled in DVD format too and if I love the series, I buy them. The Event is very interresting I do not watch TV about 8 years, but watching videos on DVDs – YES, I do. The series are better then cinema films, because they are rich on stories and action and are more better, because there is always next season … they are longer stories, the persons are build up in the stories. So why I do not watch TV – advertising, this piss me off. There is a red line for advertising and stupid “reality” content and this line was in germany already crossed. I don’t know what is in US, but I like these series produced over the see, do produce more of them please. I am not talking about only this one. There are very good series which were rising up in the near past and I hope for more in the next future.

  • Carolyn Bell

    Great series!!! There has to be a continuation. There was so much left unanswered. I hope they do a season 2. if they do, i hope they do not use Sarah Roemer again. She has the same facial expression on every situation. An Actress with no depth. Will continue to check for updates on season 2. NBC get your priorities straight, keep the good shows don’t get rid of them!!!!

  • Andrew

    Canceled to be replaced by The Sing-Off and The Playboy Club. Seriously?

  • Andrew

    Also, why does it matter when SyFy is owned by the NBCUniversal Cable division of NBCUniversal, which is a subsidiary of the Comcast Corporation?

  • La Divine

    I’m waiting desperado here for season 2, C’mon don’t make us wait sooo long please, we love the story.

  • Dan from Florida

    I just saw this show on netflix for the first time. I thought this was a great show. I have been a sci-fi watcher since Captain Kirk started back in the late 60′s, I VOTE THAT THIS SHOW SHOULD RETURN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!