Syfy Channel to Pick Up ‘The Event’?

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June 1, 2011

When NBC canceled The Event this May, the show’s creator Nick Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark told fans that there was a possibility for season 2 elsewhere. That possibility is now taking shape, Deadline is reporting:

I hear there are talks with Syfy to pick up The Event as a miniseries. Helping things is the fact that Syfy and The Event producer, Universal Media Studios, are NBCUniversal corporate siblings. But migrating a broadcast show to cable is never easy, and I hear discussions are underway to see if it would be financially feasible for The Event to continue on Syfy. If that happens and if the mini does well, it could potentially launch another season of the alien drama.

Update: Craig Engler of Syfy took to Twitter and dispelled the rumors.

“To answer some questions I’ve been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up The Event.”

  • Wake up and bring it back


  • Matej


  • Nicnac

    why bother making a show only to cancel if after 1 season – save time and money and just make a film instead – not fair to viewers to get them hooked on a show and then cancel it

  • scoobysnaks

    I totally agree. I feel like I have wasted so much time on these great shows. It makes me leary to start a new one. And to replace it with the playboy club?! That just shows the intellegence level of most tv viewers. I

  • Anonymous

    Man! Talk about building someone up and then letting them down with a bang! I was so excited to see that SyFy might pick up The Event and then to read there are no plans to pick it up really bummed me out. The finale was so great and left so many questions that I can’t believe we will never have an answer. It would be a kidness to at least produce a two-hour movie and wrap everything up. I still don’t get why no one was watching this!

  • Lovenote80

    i believe the producer of the show and i see light at the end of the tunnel for the show the show would make it

  • Martin_laker

    I am going to stop watching US sifi tv shows, Flash Forward, then The Event how annoying. I loved both shows, and both cancelled.

  • J Lockhart1970


  • Steflake86

    plz pick it up i love this show it has a cult following and we needa no wot tthe event is i think it is so clever dont leave us hanging

  • Web

    no more American ‘series’ for me – I’ve been stung twice now – flash forward and now the event.  The idiots who decided to cancel have killed their own brand, so anything they put out in the future, I for one will not waste my time with (and I’m sure millions around the world will be thinking same). RIP NBC !

  • Web

    no more American ‘series’ for me – I’ve been stung twice now – flash forward and now the event.  The idiots who decided to cancel have killed their own brand, so anything they put out in the future, I for one will not waste my time with (and I’m sure millions around the world will be thinking same). RIP NBC !

  • Suzie721

    It would be nice to pick it up. Flashforward was also a good show, same thing happened!

  • Suzie721

    I completely agree with you!!!! Makes me so mad!

  • Suzie721

    me too!!!

  • Manastos98

    did any of you watch FlashFoward? The same thing happend to that show. Both of these are great shows and shouldnt be cancelled!

  • Eriq Bullens

    This is such a major let-down! I wish there was a way WE as viewers had a right to petition, and overturn a networks decision like this. I hardly watch any Tv shows anymore, but this show had me on the edge of my seat the entire time of every episode. I often found myself checking the tv for more episodes on demand constantly before there was another one available! This was, and still is, in my own opinion the best show by far NBC had to offer this season! Not every single person wants to watch (excuse my language) some bullshit singing competition show. I think American Idol was sufficient for that need! I really do wish, and hope the best for all the producers, directors, actors, and whom ever else was involved in creating this show to land another contract! I absolutely loved this show, and will be looking forward to and praying another network will pick it up for a 2nd season. Take care to all you other “Event” addicts like myself! ;)    

  • Therese

    I cannot believe they cancelled The Event!! What could possibly get more viewers than that amazingly breathtaking show? I’m from Sweden and I love that show. I think it’s really popular here. It seems like the show is very popular in many different countries, so it shouldn’t be that much of a risk to take a chance on a second, and even a third season. So please, please.. someone, pick up The Event. There are too many unanswered questions to let it end like that.

  • Jackie

    I loved The Event,  why cancel, why put it on at a stupid hour? no wonder it lost ratings, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, dont put it on sky, I cant afford sky, only a freeview box.
    A very unhappy “customer”

  • Ldance

    I agree.  I also watched Flash Forward and felt let down when it just finished with no answers.  A lot of my friends and colleagues watched The Event and it was always a good talking point as whether “he was one” or “she was one” and then to end the way it did – what a waste of time….

  • Cazed

    Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? I loved the event, was great to follow and I love having a show that hooks me and wants to keep me watching! So unfair :( so us viewers never find out the outcome, how absolutely unfair :(,,,,,, even if they brought out a book so we know what happened would be better than nowt :( :( :(

  • kahuna

    This is the second time a serie is wasted, like Flashforward.It is an disgrace for all viewers round the world, when they start these very goods series, and then after Season Finals, they cancel everything.Get you act to gether and make Season 2  of The event.Is there not any broadcasting company who is willing to continue with Flashforward.I am from the Netherlands and these series hav been broadcasting on the Dutch TV, AND now whe have to wait for something else.Be aware thatyou wll loose viewers, when you knock of these series.Therefore think before you act.

  • Joycenickel

    SOMEbody … please pick up the series and run with it.  “The Event” was the very best TV viewing since the years of spellbinding “24″.  It’s not much of a stretch to say that there’s really nothing worth watching on TV anymore.  Why are we paying a monthly premium for almost nothing?  We were given “The Event”.  Now, please, bring it back!

  • Simon4001

    Could the script writers at least finish the story and publish it in a book format so at least we could read ourselves to the end, or is this beyond i am 100% sure it would be a best seller!! Such a crying shame, i was warned of this after the NBC axed so many other great works…but foolishly got hooked at the first episode…give us more!!!

  • Mcorbett44

    The Networks SUCK!!!  I finally got caught up and watched the season/series finale of The Event with my 14 year old son.  This was one of the shows that we watched together.  I looked forward to sharing that time with him….just like we did with Flash Forward (Thanks for killing that show too).  ABC, NBC, CBS…you can all kiss my a**!  We are going to cable channels like TNT, FX, HBO, etc. who produce great shows and give them a chance to succeed.  The Drama is dead on network TV.

  • Maddad

    Cancelling a show after one season is like publishing a book with only a third of the pages printed….the rest of the story is still out there somewhere.  Thanks alot NBC…. I will think again before I invest any more of my precious time in one of your lame a** series that you put out in the future.

  • Jorn Schilperoord

    Stupid things again; first Jericho,then Threshold, then Flash forward, now this… why do they do that, they will lose customers eventually… I know this is strategic at the moment, because long running series lose viewers over time, in contrast to new series, which everyone tries out to watch. time after time after time, until enough people are sick of this strategy. and they need to find another way to get viewers… sucks tho.. we haven’t reached that point yet. Let’s just hope the network responsible for The Walking Dead will not cancel that!

  • Ferayesahin

    Start again!!! Please!!!

  • Mbiesheuvel

    jesus crist… people are stupid! this is one of the best series ever!

  • Mbiesheuvel

    It just feels the same if Harry Potter 7 has not been made :-(

  • Mbiesheuvel

    It just feels the same if Harry Potter 7 has not been made :-(

  • Jordy

    Damn just finished it! Come on it’s big here as well!! Please continue the show for at least for a second season to properly end it,… But hey more are sure welcome!!

  • Jordy Dam

    Could not agree more!!

  • Jenniferajr5

    What pisses me off is that The Event was hyped sooo really made you want to watch. At least here at my house. We watched every single episode. The characters were all so likeable (except for Laila, she irritates me), but I still want to know if she makes it for God’s sake!!! Do Sean and Vicky eventually get together? What the hell IS the Event?
    I hate NBC.
    Oh, yeah, and it would be nice if you guys would make up your mind about Chase, too. It was gone for months, heard it was cancelled, then it came back on Fridays for a minute.
    But, seriously, thanks sooo much for Minute to Win It, and three nights in a row of America’s Got Talent. Really. From the bottom of my butt.

  • Purqle


  • Toni

    Couldn’t agree with you more.  I want TV series with a meaty plot, not just this wacky world of reality TV (which has nothing to do with reality, BTW)  The Event was fantastic.  My fam just finished a marathon of several episodes we had on our DVR.  Finally got to the finale and were so stoked for another season.  What a let down.  

  • Toni

    I wish I could like your comment more than once.  

  • Afuqua1973

    syfy needs to step up and do season 2

  • Afuqua1973

    syfy needs to step up and do season 2

  • Ayo

    Wauw you are so right… Messed up these guys from nbc

  • Ayo

    When is that going to happen???????

  • Mike_canada1

    please bring back the event

  • Dillon80

    what a joke another 1 bites the dust stargate uni/flash/the event /and they keep all the crap shows what are all the same whats the point of watching them i say fuck them

  • Redbonewarrior


  • John Smith

    They should not make any serie or movie that will not be finished (whithin a reasonable time). There are too many series that start off fine, but drown in the quicksand the producers create themself, and when the viewers decline, they cancel the series.
    Don’t start anything you cannot finish!
    I personally wait until it is clear the series has a proper ending, if not, I don’t watch it.

  • MovieGeekBlog

    Very disappointing. 
    It doesn’t look like it’ll ever happen.

  • Daydreamingak

    the event is the best show nbc has ever had….next to will and grace of course…. im super pissed its canceled….syfy better pick it up!

  • Glen Warner

    No joy on the SyFy pickup unfortunately.

    On the other hand, it looks like NBC, USA, and the SyFy Channel are all linked … and on the SyFy Channel, you have wrestling, canceled GOOD SF shows, and really silly paranormal shows.

    How come those Ghost Hunger guys don’t ever actually *solve* a case?!  In fact, I heard a leading parapsychologist say that these guys were investigating a case he had worked on years ago … and just blew it!  He was *beyond* disgusted (Barry Taff, “The Entity” case).

    Finally, “Flash Forward.”  Another “Arrgghhh!!!” from me … but at least I can read the book.

  • Edixon_puglisi23

    seriously wtf……… i think it is a great show, its better than lost to me

  • Niki

    Another great show that gets canceled. What are we (the
    smart people) going to watch on tv now? 

  • Luz Padilla

    I believe that if they are gonna cancel a show they should at least make the ending of it.  FlashForward, V, Off the Map, Hereos, Stargate Universe, Falling Skies & The Event all deserve a good ending.  Someone must pick these up and give us the public who are faithful to your tv series a good ending.  We don’t deserve to be left wondering what could have happened.  That is why the networks keep on losing ratings because they destroy or faith in them so why should we start seeing a series if all they are gonna do is cancel it after 1 season. :( 

  • Luz Padilla

    That’s what I am saying.  I know some of the other shows had more than 1 season but they should at least give us a good ending.

  • From Portugal

    Please do not leave “the event” like “FlashForward”.

    That kind of series are the best.

  • Vighnesh Sivakumar

    AMC did exactly the same thing with Rubicon. Every good show that comes along gets shut out by complete bullshit just because of all the retards who watch those shows. Or perverts if you’re talkin bout the Playboy Club. No respect left for NBC.

  • Tom_my01

    Can Syfy also bring back the series flash forward please…

  • Tom_my01

    Can Syfy also bring back the series flash forward please…

  • Lee Darcy

    he story hasn’t concluded, how can it not come back!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    SHOW THE EVENT SEASON 2. Us fans love the show. Continue it on tv…please!!!! BRING IT BACK! It was so exciting and suspensful. BRING IT BACK ON TV!!

  • Kenyan

    bring the event back on my TV…whats there to think about?

  • concerned AFRICAN

    what the hell is wrong wit american tv producers anyway? BRING IT BACK YOU FOOLS!!!!

  • Mgdlp06

    Best single season show ever. For a show to have so many episodes in the first season, attracting an inevitable fan base and then to cancel it is pointless. At least start the next season and see what the ratings do then. I think its strange to have a full blown season and then cancel it. I think if syfy took the lead on this it would be a hit if continued correctly. Haven’t seen a gritty sci-fi drama like this since Battlestar Galactica. I think they should replay the first season on syfy, establish the fan base and go from there. Syfy has the humor sci-fi tv shows down pat. But their drama genre is lacking. If they tone down the plethora of horrible B movies, they can fit The Event in. That is all.

  • Mgdlp06

    Here’s a free idea for the producers trying to pitch this to other networks: Season 2: Start the focus on the aftermath of the destructive effects on Earth resulting from bringing the planet into our system. Main plot focuses on the Sentinels, introduce their storyline through existing descendants on Earth, introduce more backstory on the ‘E.T’s’ with shedding light on their previous altercations with the Sentinels thousands of years ago (possibly the Sentinels drove out the E.T.s somehow–linking the fact that the E.T.s were on Earth before humankind.), and possibly the humans form a coalition with the Sentinels to prevent the extinction of the human race from this more advanced society. Did I mention the protagonist ‘Sean Walker’ will be an unknown descendant of the Sentinels (including unknown to himself)?! Would be a fantastic way to guide the Sentinel story along AND give more of a purpose to Sean and a reason as to why he was so important and why his ‘path in life’ has fell into place the way it has. This can also introduce a Pre-Determined Destiny vs. Free Will sub-plot. ::Cough cough:: Lost…best show ever by the way. Anyway…I digress. If it will mean anything in the future, which it probably wont, Your Welcome Nick Wauters and Steve Stark. Again, That is all.

  • Alex81UK

    So where are we now? Is there ANY news about the possibility of someone running Season 2? The Event was the best thing to come on TV since 24 in my opinion – I couldn’t wait for the next installment! To simply cancel is whole family was glued to this.

  • Bronxb

    I totally agree that it was better than Lost which I loved as well. The event had a story line that was constantly moving, the dramatics of Lost tended to slow down the plot at times. I still cannot believe that NBC cancelled this show. I came here to see when season 2 was going to start only to find out that the show had been cancelled.

  • Xboxtyler

    Fucking ridiculous. And they leave it off with the alien world by Earth.
    Great job dickheads.

  • Mary

    I liked the show a lot, but I must say it was very draggy and should have moved at a faster clip. It was like pulling teeth to get anything out of 1 show. I liked Lost too, but I didn’t start watching till season 4 and was glad as I went through the DVD’s and had I been watching just one a week, I’d have lost my mind. LOL.

  • Burgeman

    First the Surface, then Flash Forward, now this. ABC/NBC get a clue. Fox knows how to keep their viewers, they listen to them. Get rid of the reality crap, they are not entertaining anymore. Keep shows like the Event that keep the viewers wanting more. Make this one gone, I am gone!!!

  • 105howell

    i”ll never watch nbc again

  • Sherrybby5

    Just another reason not to watch NBC, ABC and CBS.  I rarely find anything there to watch anymore.  Maybe someday they will get the message, when they become extinct.

  • Shahafyefet

    the problem is the event starting episodes werent so good, they were very confusing and i lost intrest of the show fast, but one day i randomly saw ep 8 or something and IT WAS EPIC, its so sad that things turn out the way they did because if people had more petiance this show would have had incredely high ratings.

  • Cguy1943

    Way to go NBC-cancel the only show on your pathetic network that exhibited some imagination. No wonder I stick with CBS.

  • Randy

    Just look at the CR*P that Craig Engler is putting on Syfy. The guy obviously has no taste!


    They get cancelled because they have no way of tracking how many people actually watch the show; consider streaming sites or downloads. These options “hide” actual number of viewers and so the companies only see a small amount of interest and bail out. Any company would never kill a popular* product.

    *read profitable

  • Btbt

    I loved both too. And Caprica! :(

  • Graphix is my bizness

    Bring it back!

  • Wu

    You shouldn’t let the fans down. The event is such a good serial drama. This show left a lot of mysteries behind so million of people have been waiting for it. What will be happened next? At least NBC could u please respect the fans?

  • Djk61



    plz send full season  2  i m dieing to see plz plz plz no mini bt full

  • Fresh Mom

    Please reconsider.  I’m 46 recently single-mom & I find the Event very entertaining and perfect mix of suspense, drama, romance, politics, & intrigue…

  • Blckdrgn79

    It is sad to see that American people still don’t have a clue about decent TV and what that is.  There is nothing family oriented on no more just really bad TV.  Reality shows are dumb because is the same bull crap over and over again. Okay the social experiment is over and they need to let that shit go. Personally I don’t even watch television no more just for the simple fact network television just sucks. Cable is starting to get that way too.  My only option is to stream these shows because of everything requiring a digital converter or cable to watch. I cant afford cable and digital converters only work half the time if at all.  So why should I invest money into something that is no good.  Guess I will just go read a book. Least they have an ending to them and with a good imagination anything is possible in one.

  • Peter

    Is there any new outcomes about airing the season 2?