The Event Season Finale – Episode 22 “Arrival” Promo

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May 17, 2011

Check out the promo for ‘The Event’ final episode – “Arrival”.

This week’s episode was arguably one of the strongest to date. I hope we’ll learn more about how did their kind was on earth before humans as Simon and Dr Lu mentioned and that they won’t leave us with to many secrets not told as the series was canceled by the NBC yesterday.

  • Jaclyn

    I am peeved they cancelled the show when it actually found a compelling path! 

  • Sick_jargon

    In my opinion this show only required two seasons to satisfy its audience, any longer and it would have stretched the storyline too thin.

    Now it’s too short, they’ve squashed way too much content in on certain episodes. Like here, Elias has apparently recovered and is now the acting president again.

    A big shame its been cancelled but a good show all the same.

  • LOST fan

    I hope they explain enough, in case it doesn’t get picked up by another channel.  I know it was slow in places, but it was one of the best shows on this past season. 

  • Ennislel

    cancelled….not canceled…….

    hope it get’s taken up by someone…there’s at least one more season in this yet

  • Steve

    A very exciting story each episode left you wanting more maybe should have been done as a mini series say 2-3 hours at a time I love it though