'The Event' Online - Enhance Your Experience Of The Show ( Official sites, Twitter profiles )

'The Event' Online - Enhance Your Experience Of The Show ( Official sites, Twitter profiles )

If you liked NBC's 'The Event', you may be interested in online extras that may enhance your experience of the show.

Characters from 'The Event' are already tweeting about their lives (you can find those twitter accounts here and here), and those tweets may offer additional information about what's going on.

Some of their tweets seem innocuous right now and don't mean anything, but after you watch the pilot, they will enhance your understanding and experience of the pilot.

Truthseeker5314.com website,  will have supplementary videos and information about the mysterious events that begin to unfold on the show (you can also follow @truthseeker5314 on Twitter).

The idea behind the Web site is that the intel is coming from a character on the show -- someone that viewers meet early on (though the real identity of TruthSeeker5314 will be shrouded in mystery for a while).

It's someone who has access to top-level, top-secret information. The site is written as if that character really exists and is gathering all these clues and different pieces of information together.

Each week, a video called Deconstructing 'The Event' on the show's NBC site will give viewers extra information about that week's episode.

The online stuff will be about complementing the world of the TV show. It's just extras for people who want more clues, and hopefully we'll even have additional stories that parallel what's on the show.

Freaked by anything that occurred in 'The Event's' first hour? Wauters and executive producer Steve Stark will answer questions on Twitter immediately after the show's premiere.

After each episode, check our The Event Spoilers page for updates such as next episode's trailer, sneak peek, photos etc.

Comment below if you have any other suggestion or resource for better show experience!