The Event Creator Promises Answers

The Event Creator Promises Answers

'The Event' creator Nick Wauters has promised that viewers will not have to wait long for a resolution to the show's mysteries. He explained that the new drama would answer as many questions as it posed. Here's the interview:

"There is a major twist at the end of the episode 1 that helps you to understand what the confines of the show are," he said. "[Then] in the first fifteen minutes of episode two, you're going to get several major answers.

"That was definitely something I wanted to do - making sure that we would give the audience major answers every week and then keep setting up new questions, new problems and new mysteries."

Wauters explained that despite featuring multiple plotlines, the show's core focus would be Sean (Jason Ritter) and his search for his missing girlfriend.

"There's going to be a lot of different storylines going on, but I think people will be able to tune in and follow the story every week,"

He added that the series would contain "adventure", "mystery" and "political intrigue".

"I was trying to create a show that would have a little bit of everything for everyone," he admitted. "So I think everyone who tunes in will hopefully find something that they like."

by Los Angeles Times.