Executive Producer Evan Katz Shares Some Mid-Season Finale Spoilers

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November 22, 2010

Get ready for the biggest shocker yet on The Event — there isn’t only one event! “Major large-scale, potentially world-changing events will end every season” says executive producer Evan Katz to the TVGuide.com. The first of which, he hints, is a humdinger that will alter the entire world. But before that, NBC’s spooky sci-fi saga will leave viewers guessing with a November 29 mid-season finale full of twists and danger. Here are some spoilers he spilled during the interview:

  • We’ll learn a great deal about Sophia’s people: how many there are, how they’ve integrated and what the status of Sophia’s leadership over them is
  • Complicating matters for the survivors is a new alien villainess (Necar Zadegan) who presents a challenge to Sophia’s leadership.
  • President Martinez will face a military crisis, and Sean and Leila get closer in their search for her abducted little sister, Samantha.
  • While on the hunt, Leila will uncover a stunning revelation about one of the characters that will change everything.
  • Jameshalls

    This show is really falling apart with each episode. In stead of caring more, I care less.

  • Anonymous

    Yup, I stopped watching two episodes ago.

  • Esther

    It’s a great show I love it more everyday!

  • Nick

    I don’t know. I want to like it, being a good premise and all, but enough with the Sean and Leila bulls**t, not only do I loathe Leila’s character entirley, but who really cares if they find her little sister? They should focus more on the politics of it all and the EBEs, that’s where the meat is. They better step it up soon otherwise they’ll find themselves with two less viewers.