The Event Spoilers - Which Questions Will Be Answered In Episodes 2 & 3

Producers plan to keep their promise of actually addressing questions while at the same time introducing new head-scratchers.  Here are some of The Event spoilers for episode 2 “To Keep Us Safe” and episode 3 “Protect Them From the Truth”.

  • Episode 2 reveals both how Sophia and the other 96 detainees of Inastranka came to our country and where that disappearing jet (with Michael and Sean on board) went.
  • Who – or what – is capable of pulling off such a feat? Answered again!
  • Both answers involve crashes.
  • On the other hand, when President Martinez asks more difficult questions — namely, how and why did those two events occur? — Sophia is not forthcoming.
  • We’ll also learn who’s responsible for kidnapping Leila (even if their true motivations remain hidden).
  • In the next 2 episode we’ll discover precisely why the government has been keeping them behind bars for oh so long.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a creepy twist ending in Episode 3 that will send chills – yes chills – up your spine.”

via Fancast & TVGuide