The 100 Spoilers: Showrunner Previews Season 2

The 100 Spoilers: Showrunner Previews Season 2

Exec producer Jason Rothenberg has previewed the second season of The 100 in an interview, check out the scoop:

On how season 2 will be different:

Season 2 is going to be really different because there's no Ark, there's no space element, so it's a really different feeling for the show. The season starts with everybody scattered to the wind and it's really about getting people back together, and figuring out who's alive and who's not. Nobody knows where anybody went. It's a big mystery as far as the people that got taken to Mount Weather. We know two are there, but nobody else knows what happened. 

On what viewers can expect on Mount Weather:

I think it's safe to say that nobody will expect what Mount Weather ultimately is. There are clues, certainly there are little hints and clues in that white room, and when we see Mount Weather, we'll understand what those clues were hinting towards. But it's unlike anything else on the show. It's a unique environment, for sure. I'm excited about it. We spent a lot of money building it and we're going to tell a lot of story there. Who knows, maybe every season we're going to blow up our mains sets and start all over again. That's what we did last year! 


Source: Zap2it