The 100 Season 2: What's Coming Up for 'Linctavia'?

The 100 Season 2: What's Coming Up for 'Linctavia'?

Welcome aboard, Lincoln and Octavia shippers!

Looks like our favorite couple on The 100 is going to embark on a learning journey when season 2 returns. 

Here's the latest from exec producer Jason Rothenberg

The Grounders have their own language, which is a Creole English that has evolved over three generations. We hired the guy who does the languages for Game of Thrones to write it for us. The reason we've heard some of them speak English is because the warriors speak it because it's the language of their enemies, like Anya, Lincoln and Tristan. When they go home, we're going to start to hear this language. Lincoln is actually teaching Octavia how to speak it so she can pass as one of them.