Terra Nova Spoilers: Human Drama and Dinosaur Mayhem

Terra Nova's Jason O'Mara have recently talked with with E! where he revealed few spoilers and discussed the human drama of the show:

"There are obstacles that prevent us from trying to achieve what we need to achieve week to week. But as usual mankind's worst enemy is himself, so that's really what we're exploring. What if humankind was given a second chance, and what if we blew it? What if we started making the same mistakes all over again? When I opened the script, that was the kind of thing that interested me about it the most. Like everybody else, I was just intrigued with the idea of time-travel and dinosaurs, but I stayed for that premise which I think is really interesting."

O'Mara also talked about his own character's role on the show:

"His primary purpose is really to ensure his family survives this whole experience. This whole world they're in is fraught with danger, and the more time they spend in Terra Nova, the more they realize that things aren't quite what they seem, and there are a lot of struggles going on. But also, as the local sheriff he's trying to ensure that law and order is kept. He's also concerned with his children, because he has been in jail for a couple of years when we first meet him in the pilot and he hasn't been there for the formative years of his teenagers' lives, so there's quite a bit of reparation and work to do on their relationships."