Terra Nova: Cancelled by Fox, Season 2 Rejected by Netflix

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May 9, 2012

Do you wish to see more of the Shannon family? Check out our exclusive roundup for the future of Terra Nova season 2:

The sci-fi/family drama centered around dinosaurs and prehistoric times has been juggled left and right by network companies after facing the tragic demise from its original producer, Fox. Terra Nova premiered last September 2011 where in 9.2 million viewers tuned in for the two hour pilot episode. Furthermore, the pilot which was shot in Australia, charged the network a lavish $14 million. The rest of the episodes however, were estimated to cost $4 million each. Fox President Kevin Reilly stated on an interview, “This thing is going to be huge. It’s going to take an enormous production commitment.”

Obviously, the world of Jurassic Park and Avatar combined is already chaotic just by the thought of it — what else can you expect creating and building it?

Despite the vigorous investments, the ratings of the show’s steady performance did not live up to its production value. Bill Carter from NY Times stated that, “The show’s popularity did increase significantly, however, when delayed viewing on digital recorders was included — to about 10 million viewers and a 3.6 rating among the 18-to-49 age group. Typically, those would be good enough numbers for a drama to be renewed in most circumstances. But “Terra Nova” cost so much that it probably needed to be an outright hit to justify a second season.”

I think that that statement is downright the major factor here. Terra Nova is just too ambitious for a normal TV show that it would be quite impossible for the writers to deliver something epic on a weekly basis.

Now that all cards lay on the table, I think that Fox was rational enough for the time being about pulling the plug on the show. However, just days after the official statement from Fox, Netflix manifested some interest about saving the show for another season. Unfortunately, that one and only hope for the dinosaur-packed series eventually vanished. Mark Wilson from About.com sighted one major factor regarding the matter which is “international dimension.”

“The high cost of entertainment production–both films and television–has long been offset by the promise of lucrative foreign sales. But Netflix does not yet have the status of a “broadcaster” in foreign markets, which made it less likely that Netflix would be able to massage the bottom line on Terra Nova with overseas sales.” Wilson further added.

Although no recent updates have been made yet, Terra Nova will be probably gone for good. I think that the show had already contributed its enough share of public opinion to receive another ax from a certain network. What do you think? Are you still hoping for Terra Nova season 2? Hit our comment boxes below!

  • nessyhome

    disappointed that they canceled the show!!! We used to watch it as a family – the family actually looked forward to watching it together. It was a clean program that grabbed the audience of our whole family.disappointed! I still have it on my DVR to tape new episodes in hopes that it is not done!

  • allen

    they need to bring it back people loved it in britain just becauae people in america didnt watch it doesnt mean it can be axed .we need to know what happens even a movie will be good .we need to kniw if theres people been coming through the portel in the land if the was a part of a boat what else could come through therte .they could do a hole series on the amuna trangle and thats how the boat and more got there .foxs need to stop axen programs as they arnt giving series long anoth to get vieq s and people dont always notice programs at first

  • wewantseason2

    yes of course i want season 2 what the fuck happens in the bad lands and the prow of the ship I FUCKING DEMAND A SEASON 2 AND ANSWERS NOOW BITCH NOWWWW SEASON 2 SEASON 2

  • Kim

    It was awesome! So bummed that it is gone!!!! Bring it back!

  • keith

    Epic on a weekly basis is an evasion tactic or copout. To make a good show, you use the tools you got to entertain the audience. The first season was fine. All they had to do is keep the plot going.

  • Nina

    Well great, just watched the last episode and couldnt sleep because i was so jacked up and now nothing more… Feels horrible, I really loved the show. It will be missed.

  • Arne

    Terra Nova was or rather is one of the best shows i have seen in the later years

    only Stargate sg1/atlantis/Univers awakend my interest more

  • http://www.facebook.com/melly1985 Melinda Allen

    k so based off the comments approx 7 million views = 7 million tv’s / internet log ins so if we assume there are on average 4 people per viewing device watching that 7 million views jumps to 28 million viewers based from just the comments below so if 28 million views (more likely more) are not important enough to network producers they may need to recheck the demigrafic. If they replayed the first season i bet there would be a jump in viewers and even more probable that at least 60% of the viewers with pvr devices still have it on auto record for when the next episode comes out. We want our questions answered at least one more season or a movie.

  • vin

    I am still holding on to the hope that there will be a season two.

  • ethan

    The best show ever even better then the walking daed

  • b english

    that was the best show ever just got netflix and watched all 13 episodes in one freaking dam and was wondering when next season came out and bammm WTF cancelled just aint right!

  • Juraj

    Fan from Slovakia, Europe…. I like it so much… and I hope that 2nd and others season comes soon….Out TV is going to broadcats Terra nova in main broadcasting time- Sunday at 8p.m and I know that it´ll be sucsesfull show…So do it for fans and don´t disappoint us..

  • Amanda

    I think terra nova is a good show just by the first episode I got hooked please make another season

  • Brett

    It was the only show that I enjoyed and looked forward to every week, and I don’t like tv that much. Hopefully they will bring it back in years to come.

  • Cathy

    Great show, maybe they can make a movie

  • http://www.facebook.com/marisaa.simpson Marisaa Simpson

    oh man they get you totally sucked into it! then leave it open with a bunch of untied ends….i hate it when they do that….fox creates such crap all the time…the one good thing comes along and they get scared

  • TN

    I haven’t even see Terra Nova yet, seeing it tonight, but think it MUST continue!

  • Mikkel Soerensen

    well i’m from Denmark and my girlfriend and i have just made a tera nova maraton,.. if there was a second season we proberly ha’d watch that to this weekend :(
    here in Denmark is tera nova a hit but we don’t have that much to say i think

    yes 70 millions is alot and maybe they should save a little more if they wanted to make a second season..
    all i can do is buy it next week, and i’m gunna… but sadly i don’t think my money is ennoth hehe
    i just hope they get a way/idea to make a 2. season
    or a movie to close it :D

  • Dex

    Terra nova is the best series I have ever watched. Usually I miss a few episodes of any series I watch but terra nova had me glued to my sofa from before it started until it was finished leaving me begging for the next episode . Please make season 2 im begging u. Or if u cant make the series make it into a 6 or 7 hour film PLEASE. I WILL BUY IT

  • J.C


  • varose

    i want the show back it was the best ever my boyfriend got me into it and we really would like another season

  • varose

    me too

  • Naruto

    They need to continue this show there are hardly any good shows that are worth watching most I feel like I need to be on something to understand them like really tera nova is amazing dinosaurs human struggle love justice saving lives mystery like this show is just amazing it needs to continue not just second season but like six more or more

  • richyB

    shame we have to have 10 incarnations of frickin CSI , but there is no room for what was looking like a good series

  • HendriX

    as usually, the corporate head honchoes have decided to cancel a show right at an intriguing twist. i have to say shame on them. i am tired of this happening to these great shows. maybe we will see it on hbo. one can only hope.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carol.saysell Carol Saysell

    This is a show that gripped my whole family!!! I can’t rememeber when I sat down and watched a TV show with both my 11 yr old daughter and my 16 yr old daughter, when neither of them talked or faught. All of us focussed and excited about what was happening and looking forward to the next episode. This show brought back family time in my house and we really want season 2, with lots of popcorn. If this show does not come back we will all be disappointed.

  • Ashley

    How can any one give the show a 3.6 rating, it was amazing, I don’t know any one that has seen it that dose not like it, how can we make them understand that ther needs to be a second season, they can not leave it with an ending so intense.

  • Sike

    I didn’t really watch the show on TV, but just over the past week I’ve watched all of season one on netflix and it left me begging for more… too bad fox sucks, and kudos to netflix for at least trying

  • Sike

    why doesn’t syfy pick it up? they are known for paying massive amounts of money on good shows, look at Stargate Universe, and that didn’t get canceled until it dropped to around 2.3 million viewers, 1/4 of what Terra Nova offers.

  • Lee

    Never thought I’d see the words Spielberg / dinosaurs/ and cancelled in the same sentence ! Come on there has to be another series!

  • Hanson

    We want season two! Great series, very much enjoyed it; super bummed it’s over. Almost got me back into TV.

  • Laura

    My son and I have had a hard time finding something in common, this show brought us together every week. We enjoyed it and I am very unhappy to hear it is over. I hope it gets picked back up what a mistake FOX made on this move.

  • Anya v.

    Terra nova must live on !

  • Mike

    Bring it back I really enjoyed this show. Best show on TV and it was actually a family show that all of us enjoyed!!!!!

  • Nathie

    WOW I just can’t believe their gonna end the series like that. I wish there was something we fans we could do to convince them to keep going on and start the second series.

  • Tom

    I was waiting for season 2 and now I get nothing this is crap.. Thanks fox for letting me down again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cathy.counts Cathy Counts

    I just finished watching the first season on Netflix and immediately wanted to move to the second season. I was dismayed to learn it had been cancelled. I believe it would be worth picking it up again. Netflix should rethink their decision not to take it on. Just take it, advertise it, and it will be a hit.

  • ryver

    tera nova is awesome they need to keep it on air that show is my family’s favorite

  • Hannah

    Terra nova was my FAVORITE SHOW EVEEEEER!!!!!!! They HAVE TO make a second season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SOOOOOOO SAD WHEN THEY SAID THEY CANCELED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’( They HAVE to maje a second season!!!!!!!!!! :’( !!!!!

  • Hannah

    Yup, it was awesome! I can’t believe they canceled.it :’( , someone HAS to make a second season!!!!!!!!!!! :’(

  • Hannah

    Me 2

  • Hannah

    Yup well said

  • Hannah

    True dat

  • Hannah

    Same here, plus a bunch of my friends watched it 2, COME ON PEOPLE BRING BACK TERRA NOVA PLEEEEASE!!!!

  • Hannah

    Me 2

  • Anna

    Thanks for setting me up with disappointment once again!!!!!!!!

  • Emma

    Yes yes yes. I want another episode please!!!!

  • Mark

    Aghh man! My wife and i really was looking forward to another season!

  • GloMom1968

    Please bring that back. I DVR’d the whole series & spent an entire weekend (what a wipeout) watching it. It was great! Couldn’t believe that they renewed Falling Skies o/v Terra Nova, which I can see was for budget reasons. Find a way to create it on a lower budget & watch it become a success

  • kase

    someone HAS to make a second season! It was the best show on TV too .? I love this show.

  • anthony_2013

    Terra nova has to continue with a season 2.. its heart breaking to not be able to watch the show no more . I’ve been waiting for a long time for the producer to release a season 2 and look forward to watch more of terra nova I’m a huge fan and I’m pretty sure you guys don’t want to let your fans down and not release season two…

  • Elijah Mason

    Terra Nova has become my favorite TV series when season 1 was aired! It’s dealing with dinosaurs and a beginning to a new and exciting life! Season 1 left off with a big mystery, what’s in the Badlands and why did Lucas and his team head that way when they were cut off from 2149! I really hope a TV company will pick it back up and start season 2! I know it’s going to get millions of viewers! Do it for the people! Plz bring back Terra Nova Season 2 or at least start the first couple episodes and watch the viewer ratings sky rocket twice as much as season 1!


    Bring on a second season of Terra Nova!! Even if for one more season, just so we see about other portals to Terra Nova!! Awesome show!! They shouldn’t have started the show if they weren’t going to follow through with it to the end. They knew the production costs going in!! Bring it back NOW!!!!!


    1st Firefly, now Terra Nova. What the hell is wrong over there at FOX!!! Hire me for 1/10th you’re paying that CEO moron over there. I’ll bring FOX into the real 20th/21st Century!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/darrell.shoeman Darrell Shoeman

    they screwed up the show on their own even though fox will never own up to it but you never ever make a big budget anything show run it then take 2 weeks off for freakin baseball how can you exspect people to return I don’t even hardly watch fox anymore just cause of that if I want to watch sports ill turn to a sports channel if not I damn sure wont watch it when good shows are on

  • ryan

    I hate TV drama shows never liked them but i was instantly hooked I loved the show I never thought the show was slow it was a building block you have to start slow to catch a based footin I really hope that they find a network to make more season. But since they canceled Terra nova I’m never watching fox TV again. There just greedy

  • Matt

    Terra Nova was a great tv show that there is no doubt, but as someone as already stated always the good ones go early, for me the new King on the block is ”Revolution” i hope to goodness there will be a second season.

  • sky

    the show was put on in a timeslot I couldn’t work with, but I was always trying to find out what was happening. I just found it on Netflix and watched all 13 episodes of season one in a few days…I cannot believe there is no more available out there,,, is there?? how can they not continue a story this great, made and produced so well? take out the trash and put this show on and we might actually watch TV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyrese.harrington Tyrese L. Harrington

    Terra Nova was not good it was great and should continue

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyrese.harrington Tyrese L. Harrington

    They always cancel the good shows and finish the not so good shows

  • Latimer

    My wife and I are in the 55+ demographic and really hope a network does pick this up! Terrific series.

  • Lonnie Nielsen

    I think they should do the season 2 to finish it at least

  • Cody

    Loved this show. Would love Season 2. This was a must watch every night for me and the wife. Too bad the cost was so unsustainable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.meshak Daniel Meshak

    I would have to say that I would even pay for the episodes individually just to be able to get a season two, Boo on the call to cancel and Boo on the call from Netflix to pull out, if they wanted international recognition there was their ticket.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billdozer08 Willie Faubert

    They need to bring it bak like wtf

  • Bob

    I am dying for terra nova 2 to come out. I love the series so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deb

    Terra Nova was great entertainment with a sci fi twist that I just love. It seems that every time there is a good sci fi show on any other network than Syfy it gets cancelled and just leaves the viewers hanging out there. I am getting to the point where I think I will just DVR all the episodes and see if renewed before getting hooked.

  • squid

    I watched this episode on Netflix when a friend recommended it, and it was fantastic. Now I find out it’s been cancelled. This is the reason that networks are not able to get viewers anymore. We
    all know that the odds of it making it past season one are dismal. I am definitely disappointed…

  • andreas

    I truly hope for a new season, terra nova season one was incredible.

  • geoff

    terra nova was by far the best television show. I have seen the first season many times and it’s syill captivating. I hope they decide to make another season soon.

  • allegra

    I am totally bummed. In a perfect world… maybe on Terra Nova… this show would go on.

  • Reigen

    well this is just sad, cuz tv really needs something new and original right now, if only they made it less of a family drama and more of a morality tale, i really miss those kind of series

  • Brittnie Jenkins Mccann

    Yeah season 2 would be nice you can’t just leave us hanging?!

  • abbie

    Terra nova is the COOLEST sci-fi show i’ve seen! bring it back please!

  • Jennifer Harkness

    I loved the show and watched it again when i found it showing on the science channel. pleas bring it back. with all the garbage on tv these days i finally found something good to watch.

  • Teresa

    Watched on Netflix. Very good. Fox probably moved its time slot and lost the audience. That’s what happened to fringe

  • LadyPegasus

    ya know it figures, some of my most favorite shows lasted a mere season or two. Makes me wonder just how much a different drum beat I have!

  • Michael Mitchell from Canada

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the program on Netflix! The characters were great and I really liked the story line and where it was all going! So I have to say I’m hooked and yes I would be looking forward to a season 2! I would even be interested in reading season 2 if that ever happened! It just seems wrong to leave the potential of this show…listen to me talking like this. I’m just a viewer and a fan so of course I would say “potential”! But I don’t work for free so the writers and those actors shouldn’t either. It just sucks that Netflix couldn’t come to their aid. But the world runs on the bottom line. So if two cents is worth anything…give Terra Nova another chance!

  • jason

    Yes I would love to see a second season of Terra Nova. Too bad Fox has no vision anymore.

  • Bill Boyd

    Terra Nova is just to good to drop, maybe the production cost could be lowered with less extravagance to production value to maintain the program!