Terra Nova: Cancelled by Fox, Season 2 Rejected by Netflix

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May 9, 2012

Do you wish to see more of the Shannon family? Check out our exclusive roundup for the future of Terra Nova season 2:

The sci-fi/family drama centered around dinosaurs and prehistoric times has been juggled left and right by network companies after facing the tragic demise from its original producer, Fox. Terra Nova premiered last September 2011 where in 9.2 million viewers tuned in for the two hour pilot episode. Furthermore, the pilot which was shot in Australia, charged the network a lavish $14 million. The rest of the episodes however, were estimated to cost $4 million each. Fox President Kevin Reilly stated on an interview, “This thing is going to be huge. It’s going to take an enormous production commitment.”

Obviously, the world of Jurassic Park and Avatar combined is already chaotic just by the thought of it — what else can you expect creating and building it?

Despite the vigorous investments, the ratings of the show’s steady performance did not live up to its production value. Bill Carter from NY Times stated that, “The show’s popularity did increase significantly, however, when delayed viewing on digital recorders was included — to about 10 million viewers and a 3.6 rating among the 18-to-49 age group. Typically, those would be good enough numbers for a drama to be renewed in most circumstances. But “Terra Nova” cost so much that it probably needed to be an outright hit to justify a second season.”

I think that that statement is downright the major factor here. Terra Nova is just too ambitious for a normal TV show that it would be quite impossible for the writers to deliver something epic on a weekly basis.

Now that all cards lay on the table, I think that Fox was rational enough for the time being about pulling the plug on the show. However, just days after the official statement from Fox, Netflix manifested some interest about saving the show for another season. Unfortunately, that one and only hope for the dinosaur-packed series eventually vanished. Mark Wilson from About.com sighted one major factor regarding the matter which is “international dimension.”

“The high cost of entertainment production–both films and television–has long been offset by the promise of lucrative foreign sales. But Netflix does not yet have the status of a “broadcaster” in foreign markets, which made it less likely that Netflix would be able to massage the bottom line on Terra Nova with overseas sales.” Wilson further added.

Although no recent updates have been made yet, Terra Nova will be probably gone for good. I think that the show had already contributed its enough share of public opinion to receive another ax from a certain network. What do you think? Are you still hoping for Terra Nova season 2? Hit our comment boxes below!

  • Matilda

    Terra Nova was the most clever idea anyone has come up with in a long time. Though the storyline simply died as the series went on it never ceased to entertain me and I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. If fox would only let them take some time to think over some more story lines then nothing would be stopping Terra Nova from coming back and wowing us all. We want you back!

  • Ajae

    loved terra nova season 1 .. Hope we get to see season 2!!

  • Saraluxo1


  • Brandon

    Come on guys please bring Terra Nova back!! It was a awesome show and you left us wanting more. So please, for the FANS.

  • Texman

    What do you expect from a network that has more cartoons than anything else!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicktech Nick Tech


  • Mully

    Terra nova is the best serie ever made from my site ,bring it back for a new season and then you can decide what to do FOX we love it here in holland

  • Talontuner

    This is crazy Tera Nova was an awesome show I couldn’t wait to get home and watch it.

  • jb

    This was one of the few shows I felt comfortable sharing with my children. We looked forward to the new episodes each week and ALWAYS watched as a family. There is not much on tv these days that you can say that about. It’s always about the almighty dollar. Networks just keep cutting the good stuff for the crappy reality low cost tv shows. Keep in mind, shows like these keep many people working. Reality shows only use one or two cameras and a sound guy. Not much else is needed. No writers, stage hands, etc. It stinks that this is the second year in a row this has happened. We also loved watching No Ordinary Family which was canceled after one season. Good thing I love listening to music!

  • SA lady

    FOX do suck!!!! Dont they know there is a whole world out there not just USA watching these shows!!!

  • SA lady

    FOX do suck!!!! Dont they know there is a whole world out there not just USA watching these shows!!!

  • Joergen Ib

    As this serie enden rather messy, I would very much appreciate a season 2 to end the serie in a good way.
    Joergen Ib Denmark.

  • Rick in Cali

    It’s painfully apparent that what the viewers think has nothing to do with the decisions of networks and corporate people who only care for lining their own pockets. Good shows with interesting stories and substance are cancelled, pretentious fodder that lack any seriously redeeming qualities are on for years. It’s why my Family and eye rarely watch the major networks anymore.

  • userU

    I love this show, but it seems all good shows get cancelled. Look at flashforward, what a shame! Hopefully some network will pick this one up for season 2.

  • Linda

    I am so sad to find out that Tera Nova was canceled. It was one of a few shows that had heathy families intact working together. Showed positive values. Something my son and I watched together with topics we could talk about from dinos to values to difficult choices people have to make and it is not always so easy . I am bummed considering all the crap that is on. :-(

  • stephanie

    bring it back now, screw star wars terra nova was so much better, the trailer should have been a film

  • jonathan, netherlandsjona

    Come on make the new episodes! I cant live without!

  • http://www.facebook.com/badgirlsgoeverywhere Kelly George

    I LOVED Terra Nova! Am so disappointed that they will not be bringing it back! :-(

  • Jelger

    Well what can I say, again a good show canceled. Terra nova discontinued, Firefly discontinued, Hero’s discontinued. I wonder why I even start watching anymore.

  • Abydoski

    Damn, no more Terra Nova, no more Stargate, life sucks (bigtime)

  • kull

    this is y i gave up on tv fuck u fox

  • kull

    and the most fucked up part is the say it made money so y cancel….. dumb asses

  • kull

    if that ever happens i suggest banning fox from tv

  • kull

    or hbo look at game of thrones cost and following

  • kull

    welcome to shit tv : ) how may we brain wash you today

  • kull

    the same idiots that canceled futurama and it came back maybe well have to wait a couple of years

  • kull

    o no it was large enough they where making good money on it but apparently not epic amounts of money

  • kull

    tv 14 for language and violence they swear in almost every episode but not alot

  • jack

    fox u guys are idiots how can you cancel something so good come now pull your finger out your arse and bring back terra nova. there are more than enough people in the world that want to watch it. just because you are only making millions and not billions. greedy basterds.

  • Leanne

    I and my family loved Terra Nova, it was one of those shows we all got together to watch and that’s hard to find with 3 teenagers. I hate the power other people have to alter your family. Hard to find another fun show like that. No Terra Nova night anymore.

  • Linda

    I can’t believe they would cancel Terra Nova and keep all those stupid reality shows, drama crap, and unhappy teenagers that want revenge on everybody shows. Family shows that families watch together are a thing of the past. This was a wonderful series and I really hope Fox has the good sense to bring it back. Think of the Families!

  • mel~curry


  • Anonymous

    The FOX can change opinion about terra nova season 2 cancelled.

  • Anonymous

    The FOX can change opinion about terra nova season 2 cancelled.

  • ange

    Can’t believe their gonna pull the plug leaving all of us unknowing, feels like crap

  • minde

    Terra Nova was the best show that i have ever seen. Please bring it back!!!

  • cindy

    I love terra nova….

  • NicoK

    Just read that next week the last two episodes will be broadcasted on RTL5 in the netherlands. Great show, hoping that some network will continue, or at least a few books will be written…

  • dAncer

    I so much keen to see Season 2! Amazing show, really one of a kind!

  • dAncer

    I so much keen to see Season 2! Amazing show, really one of a kind!

  • Fin fan…

    Terra Nova was damn good series and i have been waiting for season 2.. If season 2 never comes ill hate FOX as long as i live…

  • tomten514

    Take back terra nova !!!

  • czjre

    No they can’t do this to me love the show

  • Bo

    I watched it all the way from Denmark! Bring back that bad ass Taylor on my screen!!

  • Richard

    Terra Nova season 2 NOW!!!!!

  • Martin hansen

    Norway hates fox! Give us terra nova season 2!!

  • RoRo :D

    This show was more than just a show. It showed a possibility that in the future this would happen to us.. And that our only option was the portal. If they just gave it a chance im sure more and more people would be interested in it. It just needs a little more spotlight. I really liked it. It was action-packed and as crazy-cool as “2012″ !
    I believe with all my heart that if given a chance, this TV show could be the next big thing, It has all the things it needs to be a great hit. Except a producer.
    I hope someone takes it back, I was really dedicated to spending hours watching it.

  • RoRo :D

    Kay Fox is a piece of Sh*t.
    Honestly, it couldn’t spot a gold mine if tripped over the damn thing. I really don’t know how to stress enough the fact that Terra Nova was a really really really really amazing show…
    I love it so much…. It was just as unique and creative as the movie “In Time” …
    Like there isn’t anything like it what so ever. It really opened my eyes to global warming and what it could lead to in the future. I think that whoever thinks that Terra Nova is a waste of time to keep on the air is really stupid and they should go like smack their head in a wall.
    That movie teaches you things,inspires you… SO I think that Fox should just pull the plug on itself, because obviously, it can’t tell a great show when it sees it.

  • RoRo :D

    Please, just let the show run for another season at least, I have to see what happens, even the writers said they were going to have a “bible” full of things to happen.. Like problems that come with new intelligent dnosaurs that were coming, and the fight with Jim and Taylor.. I realy want to see what happens. Give it another chance at least. You don’t know until you try.. Sure the first season wasn’t exactly waht you expected, but it just came out, and Fox should know that thngs eventually come around sooner or later for a type of show like Terra Nova, I mean Fox has been in the business for decades …. It should know not to let its Terra Nova’s fans down.

  • Justin

    MORE TERRA NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terra nova fan

    One of the best shows i have ever seen watched it on netflix in 3 days couldn’t be more dissapointed than when i found out there isn’t gonna be a season 2 please bring it back

  • http://www.facebook.com/renee.coop Renee Coop

    You should bring tread nova back it was one of the few good shows for us scifi fans to watch. Now we have to settle for blue collar comedies or reruns of starwars cartoons and movies on dvd. I hope you bring it back my whole family watched it religously. Thank you Lona Coop lakeland,fl.

  • Angel

    i would love to see season 2 of terra nova…!!!! loved that show

  • meme

    terra nova is the first show iv liked since the x files bring it back!

  • Spot

    you better put this show back on aair or ill sue every company who doesnt agree on making a telvision show anymore racists.

  • minion

    All of the good shows seem to be the ones that they put out the first season and thats it, they dont have enough money to cover the other seasons or not enough viewers. I am watching Terra Nova for the third time on netflix, and Jerich season 2 got so good and it was just about to get better but they took it off, if they cant keep up with something then dont put it on tv for millions to get involved in and then cancel it cause there was one thousand ppl that didnt watch it. All the shows need to be Checked for money coast and viewers on the pilot then after that if the pilot does good then think about making seasons after that and so on…. Keep shows on that people enjoy or dont put it on at all!!!!!

  • George

    Hello. Those are terrible news! Here in Greece we love Terra Nova and we hope for a 2nd season. Damn fox

  • Kiisez

    I love Terra Nova!!! It is such a great show! I love the CGI, the actors/actresses and the story. I am kinda hooked!! I am on episode 13 now, which I think is the last one. I am watching it on Netflix and I want a season 2 SO BAD! Please!!!!!

  • Michael Croteau

    I think Terra Nova is a really good show. I’ve seen it more that once. I loved the acting. I loved the story, and with the last episode left you wanting more. I really hope they keep trying!!!!

  • Michael Croteau

    Same. I really want to know about the badlands. The last episode made me think there was going to be a season two.

  • Michael Croteau


  • Dee

    We just finished watching season 1 on netflix, and went looking for news about season 2. What a disappointment! That was an incredible show, and we hope it comes back.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryon.durham.1 Bryon Durham

    i would like to see terra nova 2 on netflix, cause-in my opinon- it should be on due to the fact that the way it ended was nice, and gives hint of another season being on. Also, it should on due to the fact, that it was, yes, a very great series, and it keeps the viewers interest. Next, with Fox saying that they “cancelled” it, its going to lose ratings on their channel, and not only that, but another company was willing to replace it. it would be nice to see Season 2 on, and it would be nice to see it on Netflix, cause if u cant get regular TV, just view it on ure tv through a system–Xbox, Ps3, Wii, Computer, Laptop, ETC..
    Bryon Durham. Ghost_boy_1993@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephreigh Stephanie Nash

    That show was great! I just came online to see when season 2 was starting only to find out it’s cancelled! Lame!


    Please make a 2nd Terra Nova season, have not been this hooked since Lost.

  • Eric

    I hate Netflix and Fox so much! Terra Nova was the most amazing series, and I am furious that this show won’t be able to develop into the perfect series it could have become.

  • Laura

    I got hooked on this show from the first 2 minutes of the very first episode! I has heart broken to hear that this show would be cancelled. I felt like part of my life was gone! The characters were all so amazing and relatable. I learned from this show, I connected with this show. I know that there is a very tiny chance of this show being picked up again, but I still have hope, that sometime soon, a network will realise there is something this great. Untill then, I, much like many other saddened fans, will be watching reruns over and over, filling the empty void in our lives. :(

  • kade

    Awesome show not a sci if big fan ether but this show was so freak in fun to watch please come back terra nova.

  • Vee

    I would love to watch Season Two. Terra Nova just became my new favorite show.

  • terranova fan

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  • JustMe2010

    Bring it back! I’m very curious to see what the badlands hold

  • Niki

    I absolutely loved season one and would love to see more of this show.

  • Zsolt

    So there is no more chance for season 2?:S:… It was the best science fiction ever… mostly because i think that in 200 years we will face the same problems as the people on 2149….

  • Dawn W.

    I wish they hadn’t canceled Terra Nova. I love that show! I hope someone decides to bring it back… There could have been so many interesting plot developments.

  • jean ramos

    DEXTER, THE WALKING DEAD AND TERRANOVA are by far my fav. shows in Tv

    i hope terranova comes back!

  • m_sause

    Terra nova was freakin awesome why would someone shut it down season 2 needs to happen shoot cut some of those other shows that noone watches fox your idiots.

  • Kris

    Why don,’t They make a final Movie? So all THE loss ends Will be solved and there will be satisfaction.

  • Austin Iacolucci

    TERRANOVA [AKA (best tv show by far) ] someone please bring it back.. at least let us have two full seasons and explain everything and not leave us hangin.

  • John Murray

    Please bring season 2 back it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and my hole family can actually watch it with out hafting to worry about foul language it had great actors affects and story line i couldn’t wait to see the next episode now just waiting and hoping they start a season 2

  • big mike

    Definitely hoped for a second season, not much to watch anymore and that was one of the best shows got me sitting on the edge of my seat every week. really think the second season would have made the show a hit and brought in the ratings.