Terra Nova: Cancelled by Fox, Season 2 Rejected by Netflix

Terra Nova: Cancelled by Fox, Season 2 Rejected by Netflix

Do you wish to see more of the Shannon family? Check out our exclusive roundup for the future of Terra Nova season 2:

The sci-fi/family drama centered around dinosaurs and prehistoric times has been juggled left and right by network companies after facing the tragic demise from its original producer, Fox. Terra Nova premiered last September 2011 where in 9.2 million viewers tuned in for the two hour pilot episode. Furthermore, the pilot which was shot in Australia, charged the network a lavish $14 million. The rest of the episodes however, were estimated to cost $4 million each. Fox President Kevin Reilly stated on an interview, "This thing is going to be huge. It's going to take an enormous production commitment."

Obviously, the world of Jurassic Park and Avatar combined is already chaotic just by the thought of it -- what else can you expect creating and building it?

Despite the vigorous investments, the ratings of the show's steady performance did not live up to its production value. Bill Carter from NY Times stated that, "The show’s popularity did increase significantly, however, when delayed viewing on digital recorders was included — to about 10 million viewers and a 3.6 rating among the 18-to-49 age group. Typically, those would be good enough numbers for a drama to be renewed in most circumstances. But “Terra Nova” cost so much that it probably needed to be an outright hit to justify a second season."

I think that that statement is downright the major factor here. Terra Nova is just too ambitious for a normal TV show that it would be quite impossible for the writers to deliver something epic on a weekly basis.

Now that all cards lay on the table, I think that Fox was rational enough for the time being about pulling the plug on the show. However, just days after the official statement from Fox, Netflix manifested some interest about saving the show for another season. Unfortunately, that one and only hope for the dinosaur-packed series eventually vanished. Mark Wilson from About.com sighted one major factor regarding the matter which is "international dimension."

"The high cost of entertainment production--both films and television--has long been offset by the promise of lucrative foreign sales. But Netflix does not yet have the status of a "broadcaster" in foreign markets, which made it less likely that Netflix would be able to massage the bottom line on Terra Nova with overseas sales." Wilson further added.

Although no recent updates have been made yet, Terra Nova will be probably gone for good. I think that the show had already contributed its enough share of public opinion to receive another ax from a certain network. What do you think? Are you still hoping for Terra Nova season 2? Hit our comment boxes below!