Season 1 Episode 8 episode 8

Terra Nova Episode 8 “Proof” Photos

We have a some very interesting Terra Nova episode 8 promotional photos to share with you! This episode is entitled "Proof", and although we already shared a few spoilers - each picture below had a description that included few more spoilers!

  • Jim works with Elisabeth to investigate a robbery from the hospital's pharmacy.
  • Jim confronts Boylan.
  • Josh performs a dangerous task in order to help bring is girlfriend from the future to Terra Nova.
  • Maddy asks for Malcolm's (Rod Hallet, R) advice.
  • Maddy interns with the colony's greatest scientist (guest star Robert coleby, R).
  • Maddy gives a secret signal to Zoe (Alana Mansour, L).
  • Taylor fights a Komodo Dragon.
  • Taylor tracks a man who was extricated from the colony.
  • Taylor and Jim enjoy some much needed R&R.