Spoilers Guide Is Looking For More Writers, Apply Early!

Have this tingling sensation that you know more than other people when it comes to TV shows and don’t mind letting them know all about it? Of course you do, you're on Spoilers Guide! :)

At the moment, we're looking for more dedicated writers that can help us improve Spoilers Guide and if you're interested, please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible if we are interested! Please note that we sometimes receive too much applications so it will take us some time to get back to you. But be assured, you'll get a reply from us.

TV SHOW Manager

First and foremost, this position requires you to write daily about any new spoiler that become available online. We want our readers to get their news as they become available.

Who should apply: true TV show fans with good writing skills that like to comment and interact with other fans, are interested in current TV topics, news, rumors, latest interesting plot discussions. This position will require interacting with other fans via comments section, write round-up spoiler posts for particular episode, publish polls, etc.

Episode Reviewer

TV show knowledge, excellent English, fast delivery, sense of humor and a positive attitude are non-negotiable :)

Instead of writer full episode reviews, writer will be required to focus his review on one or two most interesting parts of the latest episode, and try to discuss future developments by following spoilers for the next episode that are already on the site. Each reviewer needs to write at least 3 episode reviews per week ei cover 3 shows for reviews.

Please note that most of these positions require daily posting (if there are new spoilers each day) and you need to be committed to write at least till the end of current TV season. If you prove to be a valuable member, we will pay you after the first, test month.

Not a lot of money, but money nevertheless. We pride ourselves on being one of the few TV blogs that compensates its writers for their work. However, since we are not part of a big corporation we are not able to compensate writers at the same level they would. So if you are looking for a big pay day, this might not be it.

However, if you are a budding writer, this is a great opportunity to get your name out there and build a following of readers. All your articles will be featured on Google search results ( written by "Name Surname" ) as well as on the site. Each time you comment your comments will be highlighted.

WordPress or Blogger (publishing platform) knowledge is a desirable but more importantly we're looking for dedicated and hard working TV fans who want to help us improve Spoilers Guide!

Let us know why would you like to join the team, what position you are interested in, experience, and anything else that may help us choose you! Email is spoilersguide@gmail.com