Teen Wolf Season 2 Spoilers : Deaths, New love And More!

Teen Wolf Season 2 Spoilers : Deaths, New love And More!

As Teen Wolf continues to surprise it's fans this season, creator Jeff Davis has given some further details on what's ahead to get use even more excited for the rest of the season.

Here's some new developments to look out for:


  • There will be two major bloody deaths, both of which are unknown to be the major cast or one of the new characters.
  • Derek will loose his current ego and will turn to the most unlikely people he would have thought of.
  • Allison and Scott's relationship will reach a rocky road as the relationship may not survive before the season's end due to Allison trying to balance her relationship with her family.
  • Stiles will undergo a major development in the 11th episode of the season.. in which will either be between joining the lacrosse team, becoming a werewolf or gaining his first kiss.. (bets are, it will be his first kiss as previous info revealed that Stiles will find new love)
  • Finally, in terms of episode order.. Episode 6 of the season will revolve around the major gang going to a gay club in which Derek has a huge face-off with the Kanima, episode 9 will then deliver something huge for major fans of the show and the season finale titled "Master Plan" will then deliver a big climax in which all characters and their story-lines will merge together as one.

So what do you guys think of these new details? Are you excited to see how the show plays out for the rest of the season? Who do you think will die? Will Scott and Allison's relationship survive? And what will be Stile's new major development?

Share your thoughts below.

Source: EOnline