Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers: Kate's Changed Self & Chris Argent's Reaction To Kate's Return!

Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers: Kate's Changed Self & Chris Argent's Reaction To Kate's Return!

J.R. Bourne (Chris Argent) and Jill Wagner (Kate Argent) have dished some spoiler goss on Teen Wolf, season 4 in terms of what Chris Argent will do when he learns Kate is alive and just how Kate will be a changed woman this season.

J.R. Bourne On Kate's Return:

He already is feeling so much anger, frustration, and vengeance, and what does he do with it? He questions whether or not to return to Beacon Hills, but when it becomes quite clear that she's back to cause trouble, he finally returns in order to protect those that can't protect themselves. He still supports the code. He's back to support the people that were there for his daughter and for him.

Whether he comes back with this idea that he's going to get rid of her once and for all—that's the initial driving force for him. It's somewhere for him to direct that anger and that hurt he has. But yeah, there's some great stuff that goes one between them.

Jill Wagner dishes on Kate's changed self:

I think that Kate is different and she's similar. She's different in the fact that she is ... In Season 1, we saw this confident, very much in control of being a bad girl that she was — the sociopathic killer that she was. You have to admit, she was in control of that!

This season, she's not in control. She's a mess. She's kind of ... She is the one who needs something in this season, which is totally opposite of the last season, when she was in control and it was all about chasing what was to her the bad guys. I don't know how bad, in Kate's mind, she was, because she thought she was doing something good. She's still a killer, but I have to have empathy, I have to find the empathy with her to love her.

But the one thing she is still the same is she still has this extreme focus on what she's going after. And I think that's both the good thing about Kate and her downfall. She will not stop until she gets this. She's very much in need, she has a focus, and I think that if she is to accomplish what she's trying to accomplish, it could be really, really bad for a lot of people.

J.R. Bourne gives some  more Season 4 goss...

We've got this benefactor and we've got a Dead Pool list so it's a little less of—we don't have a kanima we don't have a nogitsune, but we've got something a little more grounded in reality. We've got financial constraints, we've got issues that the families are all dealing with, and we've got this person who created a list and plans to rid Beacon Hills of all the supernatural.