Teen Wolf Season 3B Spoilers: Who Will Die? & More On Lydia and Peter’s Relationship?

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December 10, 2013

With only a few weeks to go till Teen Wolf Season 3B kicks off, the cast and crew have dished out some new spoilers on what we can expect to see!

A death will occur! Jeff Davis teased that a character would die by the end of the season and that they might need to redo the opening credit sequences.

Ethan & Aidan on the good-side? Ethan and Aidan try to win Scott’s trust back and join his pack because they have no pack.

Could the Darach be returning? Haley Webb is hopeful that they might bring her back in the show in some way.

Sheriff Stilinksi’s new-found knowledge.. Now that Sheriff Stilinski knows about all the supernatural things happening in Beacon Hills, he’s going to go back and dig into old cases.

Lydia & Peter relationship?.. Lydia and Peter’s relationship will be explored in more depth..

Source: TV Equals

Which main character do you think will die? and What possible relationship could Lydia & Peter have together?

  • StilinskiChick24

    Honestly, heartbreakingly, and horrifyingly, I think it’ll be either Lydia or Derek. Obviously, it can’t be Scott because he’s the main character. Killing off Stiles is seated somewhere above boiling puppies on the list of unthinkable things to do to an adorable creature. Allison is too interwoven into the storyline, and between her old relationship with Scott and her blooming one with Isaac plus her pure bad-assery, she’s pretty much safe in my eyes.

    Buuuuuuuuuuut…then there’s Derek and Lydia. While Derek Hale/Tyler Hoechlin is easily the most beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous werewolf/human being there ever was, is, or will be, they might kill Derek just to give the poor man a break! Seriously, how many times has Derek had his ass royally kicked? Many. How many times has he actually won a fight? About as many times as he’s lived in a house with a working kitchen, or, in other words, next to none.

    Not only is Lydia Martin beautiful, popular, and smart, but she’s also immune. Oh, and a banshee. Yeah, that’s right. Most certainly Lydia has had her time to shine. Now, with a whole butt load of new supernatural creatures coming to Beacon Hills, will Jeff Davis decide to drop some dead weight? I imagine it’s possible. Just think of the morale boost Lydia Martin’s death would give to the pack, including Stiles. Though, having your life-long crush murdered by some Japanese shadow Samurai thing would definitely put a gaping hole into Stile’s ten year plan to get Lydia Martin to fall in love with him, he would most likely come back swinging after that one.