Teen Wolf Season 3B Spoilers: McCall Family Drama To Ensue

Teen Wolf Season 3B Spoilers: McCall Family Drama To Ensue

Melissa Ponzio who plays Scott's mother has revealed new spoilers on Teen Wolf season 3B.

Ponzio revealed that her character's former flame will cause more drama within the walls of the McCall home as there is in all of Beacon Hills.

"That ex-husband is turning up like a bad penny," Ponzio explained, before adding that "He is stirring all kinds of craziness." The actress also stated that she was unsure what exactly Agent McCall wants now that he's back in town, but that she loathes Matthew Del Negro's character so much, she's actually angry when Scott calls him "dad." "It really bothers me...I've worked so hard to be Mom, and he's been gone for so long and he immediately is Dad?"

Melissa McCall though will still have her friendship with Sheriff Stilinski to keep her comfort. Ponzio spoke on the new friendship stating that "There's flirty games between Mama and the Sheriff, so I think there's been a little something-something even prior to this, even just a little bit more friendly, that hasn't been shown to the audience".

Source: MTV

Why is Scott's dad truly back in town? And will Melissa and Sheriff Stilinksi ignite something romantic when the show returns?