Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers : What's To Come!

Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers : What's To Come!

Now that season 2 is done and dusted, there is now  a long wait to see the wolf gang grace our screens once more as the show returns for it's super-bumped up 24 episode third season in 2013. But to make the wait less of a pain, here's some info that creator Jeff Davis revealed for when it returns.

  • Jackson had blue eyes (not yellow) when transforming into a werewolf. Jeff revealed that there that way for a reason, but did not reveal any more , other than that.
  • Stiles will not be over Lydia, but will put up his guard once more since she's back with Jackson.
  • Allison will be alone when the show returns, and will need to redeem herself among her friends.
  • Erica and Boyd will be alive when the show returns, but will undergo something big as the new Alphas have captured them.
  • Dr. Deacon (the vet) and his daughter (the counselor) will play a even bigger part next season as reveals and even further questions will be made about the two.
  • Isaac will interfere with Scott and Stiles friendship which causes them to put their friendship to the test.
  • The new Alpha pack in town is involved with the Kanima! And their story-line also has something to do with Jackson's biological parents.
  • Answers will be revealed to questions that you may have forgotten.. They go all the way back to season 1 and the ongoing mysteries throughout season 2, particularly the season's opening in which Jackson emerges from the water.
  • Jackson will try his best to redeem himself, as Jeff revealed that it was always planned to happen since the pilot.
  • And finally, Scott may become an Alpha. As he revealed to Derek in the finale that his not his Alpha. The plot will be ongoing and will develop throughout the course of season 3.

Source: Zap2It

So what do you think Teen Wolf fans, You excited for the show's return in 2013? What do you want to see happen? What could be Jackson's new mystery? And are you looking forward to seeing what havoc the Alphas bring to the show next year?

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