Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers : Stiles To Lock Lips With Someone?

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March 8, 2013

New spoilers have emerged, this time it concerns matters of the heart.. and yes it’s actually about Stiles!

Stiles will being locking lips with someone in the first half of the upcoming third season!

Two things we know so far about the person receiving the kiss is that:

  • It’s a girl
  • And it’s not Lydia, who will be attracting the attention of another Alpha in town.

Source: E!Online

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Are you happy with Stiles finding romance (even though it’s not Derek)? And could Lydia be attracting one of the new-twins in town?

  • Paul

    meh.. if it’s true I hope it would be a one time awkward funny thing.. I think teen wolf has already enough sappy boy/girl romance thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/sterekgirl24 Peyton Taylor

    And suddenly I have the urge to write a fanfic…. So excited for all the things to happen in Teen Wolf this season!!!!