Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers: Scott’s painful guilt & the jaw-dropping midseason finale!

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July 7, 2013

New spoilers for Teen Wolf’s third season have emerged thanks to leading man Tyler Posey. Check out what he had to say on Derek’s death and the midseason final below!

Scott’s big breakdown over the loss of Derek!.. Scott’s guilt over Derek’s “death” is going to weigh heavily on him in episode 6, resulting in what Tyler Posey calls his favorite episode of the season. “It shows a side of Scott you’ve never seen before and it was a lot of fun to play and very emotional and everyone on set was crying,” he said. “So get ready with those tissues.” Yes, guys, get ready for a full-on Scott break down. A certain best friend will be there to accompany him though as Posey added that “Stiles steps up and becomes the man and shows Scott the right way to go.”

Midseason finale to be the biggest ever?.. Posey hinted at just what to expect from the near-future mid finale.. “It’s going to be the biggest thing in Teen Wolf history so far,” he says. “And Scott is going to finally show why he’s the lead of the show.”

Source: EW

Are you ready to shed a tear with Scott over Derek? And what could possibly be the biggest thing to happen in Teen Wolf history?

  • Gusthavo H

    Sscott’s gonna become an alpha.

  • dffbb

    thats just it alpha or maybe even agrater.

  • dffbb

    yeah i agree coz u remember the time in episode 1 when they kill the new girl…………she says ..i quote”ur afraid of him coz of what hes going to be

  • taylor posey

    yea dudes

  • taylor swift

    man this is sure is fun

  • Travis Crincoli

    and despite what the promo shows, sorry to spoil it, but Mama McCall does not die in this episode. Spoilers from episode 10 shows her alive and well. Though im fairly certain scott doesnt become an alpha till the mid-season finale.