Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers : More Deaths!

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November 22, 2012

A new spoiler tidbit has emerged for the third season of Teen Wolf, which airs during the Summer of 2013.

Season 3 has been announced to be the show’s most lethal season yet. The first 12 episodes will rack up a higher body count than both seasons 1 and 2 combined.
Source: MTV

What do you think of this new spoiler? Are you worried about the death count? And who do you think will die next season?

  • BevC

    I want Allison’s mother to come back as a wolf, maybe the meniacal minds of her and Peter together can split the town into good guys/wolves working together against bad guys/wolves. Maybe Scott and Argent can really become alis. And what’s up with all the single parents? Believe it or not I turned on my first episode of TeenWolf in the middle of the night suffering from insomnia. It was the intro of Kate when she shoots Derek. I am in my 40′s and I was hooked immediately! I downloaded all the episodes on ITunes and caught my 50 year old husband LHAO over Stiles! I tried to get him to watch The Big Bang Theory years ago and he blew me off. Now he loves it, and as I said I caught him last night catching up on 4 episodes of Teen Wolf and enjoying it. I know the target audience is teens but trust me some of us are reliving our teens and grew up with Dark Shadows! I would love to see one of the kids parents turned…even Peter and Melissa Macall together….I don’t understand why werewolves heal but Mrs. Argent doesn’t? How about Gerard getting what he wants but not as he planned. How about him becoming the Kanama because he abused the myth like Matt….and you have to dangle the carrot of Stiles and Lydia but maybe make her the jealous one for a while and let Stiles hook up with a sexy werewolf. You also have to play on the Peter , Stiles vibe for some laughs just like Sterrek.