Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers : Derek's Bachelor Pad

Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoilers : Derek's Bachelor Pad

We revealed previously that Derek would be finding a love interest during the third season of Teen Wolf, now we know just where they will be hanging out in these brand new spoilers.

Executive producer, Jeff Davis gives insight into Derek's new hangout below:

"The loft will not only be the location for numerous werewolf confrontations, but will also provide for a far more romantic side to Derek. When a character grows and takes on a new attitude and lets in new feelings, it helps to have the setting change as well."

Check out a concept-design sketch below on what it will look like below..

(click for full-size)

Source : MTV

Are you looking forward to seeing some potential Derek love-making scenes in episodes to come? And could this be a new training ground for the wolf gang?