Teen Wolf Season 3 Mid-Finale Spoilers Including January Return Goss!

Teen Wolf Season 3 Mid-Finale Spoilers Including January Return Goss!

mid-season spoilers
Teen Wolf's mid-season finale for season 3 is fast-approaching and what better way to prepare than with some spoiler tidbits on what to expect.

Oh and if you thought that wasn't enough, we even got some goss on season 3B below.

Mid-season spoilers (do not read ahead if you don't want to be a bit spoiled!)

  • A Huge car accident!.. There is one pretty gnarly car accident and one almost accident that occurs in a flashback.
  • Cliff-hanger or no cliff-hanger.. It won't end on a cliff-hanger! There will be a lot of closure, but still with plenty of set up for next season, including a new big bad that we've met before…
  • Flashback.. There will be some flashbacks , early in the episode that turn out to be worth their weight in valuable info.
  • Who will save the day?.. Someone will save the day with a baseball bat?
  • Someone will leave.. Someone we love will leave home, and possibly for good!. And someone else (less lovable) also leaves… but probably not for good.
  • Mr. McCall.. Scott's dad is in the finale, he doesn't play a major part. Scott and his father will come face-to-face though and Scott is not picking up anything that he's putting down. But Papa McCall will definitely be sticking around Beacon Hills for a while.
  • Isaac's survival.. yes, he makes it out of the hour alive.
  • Sterek.. There will be no Sterek scenes (sorry!)
  • More Stydia or no?.. There will be no interaction between the two during the finale.
  • Allison/Scott/Stiles Connection.. The first scene reveals the connection, but there isn't a lot of followup. Expect to see a lot more of "the darkness" and what it draws to Beacon Hills when the show returns in January. As for how they feel afterwards, it inspires Allison (Crystal Reed) to prepare herself for what's to come, while Scott and Stiles are trying to stay positive...
  • Derek's evolution.. Derek will finally become the wolf/person he's supposed to be.

What to expect from Season 3B

  • New big bad.. The final minutes are a game-changer. Someone we know will reveal themselves to be the likely big bad of season 3B and put the season so-far into perspective.
  • New chapter.. It feels like the closing of a chapter and the start of a new one...

Source: EW, E!Online

Teen Wolf's midseason finale airs next Monday, while season 3B kicks off January 6!