Teen Wolf Season 3 : Jeff Davis Gives Major Scoop at NYCC!

Teen Wolf Season 3 : Jeff Davis Gives Major Scoop at NYCC!

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis has gave out some major new spoiler details on where he plans to take the show next season at New York's Comic Con 2012, check them out below.

  • Daniel Sharman, who plays new wolf Isaac on the MTV hit, will be in at least eight episodes in the first half of season three. There's a good chance Sharman could eventually be bumped up to series regular.
  • There will be a flashback episode where fans will be seeing a young Derek Hale.
  • The blue eyes will be explained in a flashback episode.
  • Lydia will be part of Scott's pack with less romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia.
  • There will be further follow up to when Derek says "we're brothers now"" in the series premiere.
  • Lydia's special abilities will be revealed this season. "Women will be finding their power".
  • A gay character will be introduced.
  • Stiles could be bisexual as Jeff Davis revealed that it was "spoiler territory"
  • Erica and Boyd will be the main mystery of the first few episodes.
  • Allison will be completely reversed from what she was in season 3 and will have a redemption story.

Source: E! Online

How does season 3 sound so far Teen Wolf fans? Do you hope Isaac is bumped up to series regular, now that Colton is out? Are you looking forward to the flashback episode? What is Lydia's power and who will be Stiles new love interest? Will Scott and Allison reunite?

Share your thoughts below.